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Best 4th of July Memes to Celebrate Independence Day 2024

Celebrate Independence day with a bang and our 4th of July memes!

July 4th means fireworks, celebrating America and BBQ! I’m sure our forefathers envisioned the way we celebrate our independence in the United States with humor, but whatever.

Independence Day Memes to Celebrate July 4th

Continuing our summer memes series, we are bringing the funny with a huge collection of 4th of July memes.

the best july 4th memes
4th of july memes

Find your favorite Independence day meme and let’s celebrate America, y’all!

oh my god! you look like the fourth of july makes me want a hot dog real bad
jennifer coolidge meme fourth of july

Patriotic Memes

Patriotic memes yall. Oh and don’t forget to make sure your 4th of July outfit features red, white and blue. It’s all about wearing that patriotic outfit that shows you are a true patriot.

oh, so it's july 4th? tell me more about how patriotic you are
patriotic meme july 4th

What level of patriotic are you? Here’s a patriotic meme for those who even red, white and blue their dog.

patriotic meme  i am this level of patriotic
patriotic meme

Merica Meme

I mean, MERICA needs memes and these are about as MERICA as you can get.

happy 4th of july merica
merica meme

Merica, y’all – it’s beer, bbq, fireworks and freedom.

woohoo bbq beer fireworks and merica
fourth of july merica meme

Murica Meme

There’s Merica and Murica. Here’s the eagle Murica meme to keep them patriots proud.

murica keep calm and wave on
murica meme eagle

Bonus if your July 4th weekend outfit features cowboy boots and hat, cut off shorts (or jorts?) a United States flag and bald eagle. Double bonus if you are carrying a beer when photographed. Bring on those long weekend memes.

july 4th weekend meme
independence day meme merica

I always envisioned a patriot outfit looking like this, but I guess times have changed in 2024.

Firework Memes

Americans can’t do Independence day without blowing stuff up, hence these funny firework memes. We grill, go to the lake, beach – we blow stuff up.

july 4th fireworks everywhere
july 4th fireworks meme

I mean, that’s what this summer holiday is about, right?

funny fireworks meme  knock it off stupid we are tampons
funny fireworks meme

Get ready for it.

brace yourself crappy firework videos are coming
fireworks meme 4th of july

The July fourth social media posts that are required will soon be posted. It’s a July 4th requirement to post a video of a fireworks show.

my face everytime someone posts a fireworks video
fireworks meme july 4th

Firework Safety Meme

Y’all, don’t be stupid and be the person this firework safety meme is describing.

firework safety meme  someone in the united states has no clue that this is their last weekend with all 10 fingers
firework safety meme

Tweet from Tom Hicks on Twitter.

Dogs and Fireworks

We live in the country. While we are in a remote area, people around here have horses and farm animals so they don’t like fireworks since they spook the animals.

when fireworks go boom dogs fear doom
dogs fireworks meme

There are at least 10 messages on local Facebook groups and the Next Door app telling us to please respect the animals, veterans and follow the law.

scared dog fireworks meme

I do have to say our dogs go crazy with the sound of fireworks.

firework nope
firework meme

Even though it is illegal, it still sounds like we are in a war zone where we live since it is legal in our neighboring town.

happy 4th of july meme kramer light em up
kramer meme about 4th of july

And while we may have not known the law the first few years, we do now. But we do sneak in sparklers. If you use sparklers with kids, check out this sparkler safety tip featuring a plastic cup to help from burning your hand.

sparklers meme about fouth of july
sperklers ermagerd – independence day meme

Also, it never fails – fireworks are a seasonal thing meaning meaning for July 4th. Hahaha, we hear fireworks going off from the time the fireworks stand opens until people blow everything they purchased up.

fireworks 4th of july meme
fireworks and dogs dont mix – 4th of july memes

That means, for at least a week after the fourth of july we hear “is that a gunshot?” no mam, it was another firework. Someone bought the big pack and are slowly exploding them to make you miserable.

not sure if its fireworks or gun shots meme
fireworks gun shots meme

Stephen Colbert nailed it. Exploding Christmas is a great way to describe July 4th.

4th of july exploding christmas meme stephen colbert
4th of july meme

Happy July 4th Meme

Looking for the best Happy July fourth meme to share the USA celebration? Here you go!

happy 4th of july meme
happy 4th of july meme

When you know you won’t see someone, here’s a funny happy 4th of July meme.

i know i wont see you but happy july 4th meme funny
happy july 4th meme funny

Praise Jesus and God Bless America, here’s a happy Independence day meme to celebrate the USA.

praise jesus and
god bless america happy independence day meme
happy independence day meme

Happy Treason Day Meme

For the British, how about a Happy Treason Day meme. Ungrateful colonials..

happy treason day meme
treason day meme

Founding Fathers Memes & History of Independence Day

From 1776 to the present day, July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence, hence the holiday Independence Day. These founding fathers memes were just to funny to not share with these interesting facts and history of Independence day.

july 4th be with you meme

On July 2nd, 1776, the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence, and two days later delegates from the 13 colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence, a historic document drafted by Thomas Jefferson.

funny july 4th meme  crap that's due tomorrow, thomas jefferson july 3, 1776
funny july 4th meme

Here is a fascinating independence day fact, thanks to

july 4th founding fathers meme

Did you know? John Adams believed that July 2nd was the correct date on which to celebrate the birth of American independence, and would reportedly turn down invitations to appear at July 4th events in protest. Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4, 1826—the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

BBQ Memes

I mean, you can’t have a Fourth of July picnic without some BBQing. These 4th of July BBQ memes are hilarious.

im very liberal with my bbq sauce on the 4th of july
funny liberal meme 4th of july

On Independence Day we grill all the things!

fourth of july means we grill all the things
grill meme

Casual July 4th BBQ, show that patriotic pride.

july 4th bbq meme

Don’t miss our potato salad memes.

Freedom Memes

There’s freedom and there is free dumb. Know the difference.

freedom meme   Know the difference between freedom and free dumb
freedom meme

I mean, it’s how we can make people hear our freedom.

independence day freedom meme
I’m sorry I can’t hear you over my freedom meme

Freedom includes letting people be who they want to be. If you don’t want your kids reading a book, don’t let them.

people be screaming freedom
while blasting lgtbq +rights, trying to ban books, 
demanding prayer in schools and spreading hate
freedom meme funny

Kind of like when your mom wouldn’t let you rent a movie from Blockbuster, you can just say no to your kid checking out a book.

4th of July Memes Continued

4th of July memes or do you mean Independence day meme? I mean, thanks to the movie, Will Smith and Independence day go hand-in-hand.

independence day will smith meme
4th of July memes – Will Smith will save us from Aliens, thanks Independence Day

While we love us some Star Wars memes for May the Fourth, we also can celebrate some Star Wars geekery with July the fourth because the fourth is the fourth.

may the july fourth be with you
star wars fourth of july meme

But also if you are a fan, you will love these Star Wars memes.

Share The July 4th Memes!

As we always say, funny memes are for sharing! We share memes often and hope that these 4th of July memes create some laughter in your life. Please share away, we do appreciate a tag on social media if you do share one of our hump day memes.

july fourth it is celebrate we must

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Don’t miss our entire collection of July memes, fun for the entire month!

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