International Kissing Day

July 6th is

International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day is an official holiday celebrated each year on July 6

The concept behind the International Kissing Day is that many people may have forgotten the simple pleasures associated with kissing for kissing's sake

French kissing to a formal kiss on the cheek,... From a hello kiss or a goodbye kiss, kissing is an age-old practice with significance that extends far beyond just romance.

The Romans identified 3 types of kisses.

Let's Talk About the Kiss

The osculum kiss is a friendly peck on the cheek.

#1 The Osculum

The basium kiss is a loving kiss on the lips.

#2 The Basium

The savium kiss is the most passionate of kisses on the mouth. You know, the kiss we dream of.

#3 The Savium

When, where and how you kissed somebody was a key indicator of your social status back in the Roman society.

Social Status

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