20 Best Adele Memes & Facts About This Beloved Singer

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You guys, Adele memes are a regular share when I am in an emotive mood.

There is something about her beautiful voice, elegantly relatable lyrics and iconic face that just translate so well to memes!

Relatable Adele Memes

This beautiful singer is more than a meme, she is an icon. This fall, Adele is set to release her fourth album which has all of us fan girls (and fan boys) in anticipation. So let’s learn about her new album and share some funny Adele memes.

adele memes 2021
best adele memes

Like her memorable, ear worm lyrics – these Adele memes are totally relatable. Let’s dive in with some meme fun and some fun facts about Adele and her new album!

Adele 2021 Album Release Date

In honor of her 30th year, Adele is set to release her appropriately named album, 30. Adele’s new album release date is November 19, 2021.

toddler adele meme
adele meme for toddler moms (see more toddler memes)

Are Adele’s Albums Her Age?

Adele’s albums are titled after the age she wrote the album. Her latest record, 30 – was written when she was 30 years old.

adele forget meme
adele meme – when you can remember lyrics from 5 years ago but can’t remember what day it is


Here is Adele’s discography list of albums:

  • 19 – released January 28, 2008
  • 21 – released January 24, 2011
  • 25 – released November 20, 2015
  • 30 – releasing November 19, 2021

Six Years Since Last Album

It has been six years since Adele’s last album. Her newest album, titled “30.”

adele feelings meme
Adele Meme – source: Instagram

Easy on Me Lyrics

On October 5, the Instagram lost it. Well those of us who follow Adele on Insta. She released a short clip from Adele’s new song Easy on Me. Here are Easy on Me lyrics that have leaked. Leave it to Adele to release a 21 second snippet of her latest song and her fans scream, ALBUM OF THE YEAR.

adele monday meme
adele new song meme – easy on me

Here is the FIRST verse Easy on Me lyrics. (more coming)

There ain’t no gold in this river That I’ve been washing my hands in forever I know there is hope in these waters But I can’t bring myself to swim When I am drowning in the silence Baby, let me in

adele easy on meme meme
adele easy on me lyrics

Go easy on me
Go easy on me, baby
I was still a child
Didn’t get the chance to
Feel the world around me

work gossip meme adele
Adele work meme – when you find out work gossip and can’t wait to tell your co-workers

The Easy on Me single will be available for streaming and download on October 15, 2021.

Adele and Health

From that voice to her beauty, Adele has always been gorgeous. Over the last few years, Adele has had numerous life changes. From a relationship status update to moving to L.A. from London – she also has spent time focusing on her health.

adele 2021 meme

From working out to changing her eating habits, she is even more stunning now – if that is even possible.

good morning adele meme
Good Morning to All My Haters – good morning memes

How Much is Adele’s Net Worth?

Adele’s net worth is estimated $190 million. With four best selling albums, numerous sold out tours, she has earned it.

funny adele meme

(source: celebritynetworth.com)

How Old is Adele?

Adele is 33 years old. Her birthday is May 5, 1988 and was born in Tottenham, London.

What is Adele’s Read Name?

Adele’s birth name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkin. She is best known by her stage name, Adele.

adele pun meme
adele pun

How Many Albums has Adele Sold?

Adele has sold over 120 million records. She has three previous albums, before her latest album 30 (not yet released!)

adele one and only lyrics image 0 i promise i am worthy to hold in your arms
adele lyrics from One and Only

More Funny Adele Memes

And the Adele memes continue. Let’s start with a Monday meme. This image perfectly describes Monday without words.

adele meme - describe monday without words

Moms know. When someone tells you that your kids are angels. Side note: Adele has 1 son named Angelo who is 8-years-old. (see more mom memes)

parenting meme adele

Just when you thought you were emotionally stable again.

mental health adele meme
funny adele meme

Sad Girl Autumn

I read the headline Sad Girl Autumn and lost it. Why and what is this about?

sad girl autumn
sad girl autumn meme

Thanks to Adele, Taylor Swift and Mitski for bringing us new albums this fall but may just trigger that sad girl Autumn feels. (source: NBC)

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