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Christmas Gifts for Teens – 2021 Best Teen Gift Ideas

Christmas Gifts for Teens – 2021 Edition

How it’s already Christmas shopping season time again is besides me. Here we are – the pumpkins and Halloween decor has come down, and up goes the Christmas decor. The holidays are in full force, which means it’s time to create your gift list and start shopping. 

Teen gifts for Christmas 2020 – I’ve updated our teen gift guide to include 2021 finds including a phone sanitizer because this is the world we live in!

gifts for teens
best christmas gifts for teens 2021

With 2 teens in the house – our Christmas Gifts for Teens list was created by our teenagers. I have a teen girl and a teen boy. Both who typically do not care to contribute to Digital Mom Blog, for some reason were eagerly kind in sharing their input on this post. So folks, these teenage girl Christmas gifts and Christmas gifts for teen boys are coming from reliable sources!

Let’s shop these Christmas gift ideas for teens:

Christmas Gifts for Teens

Christmas teen gifts - don't freak out at the thought of having to find the teens gifts! We have asked our teens to create a list of Christmas gifts for teens. This isn't a mom guessing, these are gift ideas straight from teens!

Let's get Christmas shopping for teenagers. We are starting with teen Christmas gift ideas that are gender neutral. Then we are sharing ideas that include teenage girl Christmas gifts and gifts for boy teenager.

Each of us have a different budget. We are including things that are great for big gifts down to things that are perfect for stocking stuffers or small gifts.

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Christmas Gifts for Teen Girls

Now that we've looked generic teens Christmas gifts - let's talk girls. These are teenage girl Christmas gift ideas brought to you by my 16-year-old teen daughter.

Gifts for Boy Teenager

Teen Boy Christmas Gifts - this idea list is for anyone searching for gift ideas for teen boys. I will say that I feel like boys tend to be more expensive because girls are easy to buy small gifts like scrunchies and make-up for. That said, we did include Christmas gifts for teen boys that weren't too expensive and outrageous.


While yes, we do a whole lot of talking about technology here on Digital Mom Blog – these teen Christmas gift ideas are neutral. We are sharing both non tech gifts and tech gifts for teens. 

Teen Christmas Gifts – Present Ideas for Teenagers

Well friends, I hope our 2021 guide to Christmas Gifts for Teens helped you with some ideas for teen presents. While teens can be expensive and a pain to buy for, our hope is that this takes some stress out of the craziness of the holiday season.

We have compiled lists for all of your shopping needs! Check out out gift guides

Remember, at the end of the day while gifts are great – your presence is the best gift. Sure, a teen won’t get this now – but the goal is that some day that they do grasp and understand this. 

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!