Get Easy Access to Your Phone While Biking: RideMate Smart Phone Holder for Your Bike

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Bike Mount for Your Smartphone

If you are a biker – this is the gadget for you.  Meet the Satech RideMate Waterproof, Secure Bike Mount for Smartphones. Now you can hit the pavement or the trails with convenient access to your smart phone.  The RideMate bike mount is waterproof and easily attaches ot your bike’s handles with a grip.  You can take photos on your ride and keep up with the world with your smart phone directly in front of you. No more having to try to store in a pocket with the Ridemate.

Here are more RideMate Bike Mount features:

  • IPX6 Certified Waterproof
    • High waterproof rating provides full protection of smartphones in any weather condition and keeps moisture out
  • Clear back window
    • Allows users to take photos or videos while on their ride, which they can then share via text message, email or social media
  • Dual-lock system and protective grip
    • Dual-lock system grip ensures a safe and sturdy grip for the users’ smartphone, while the protective grip mounts the device securely without damaging the bike’s handles
  • Size
    • The mount can fit most smartphones, including the new iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Adjustable screen orientation
    • Users can switch from portrait to landscape viewing modes
  • Touch-sensitive front cover
    • Allows users to safely operate their smartphone while on their ride without needing to remove it from the pouch and risk damage
  • Removable waterproof pouch
    • Ideal for beach days, the pool or boating, while ensuring the users’ phone remains dry and functioning, allowing them to capture life’s moments

Purchase at Amazon – $29.99