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Mom Confession: My Kids Have No Bedtimes in Summer

No bedtimes in summer? Are you kidding? I can hear it now. Let’s chat about bedtimes during the summer months.

If you must classify my parenting style – let’s call it to each their own parenting. I parent my kids as to what’s best for mom (and dad). That be said, we make sure that we are in-tuned to our children’s needs.

Summer Bedtimes – When is Best?

It’s summer and my schedule is laid back as well as the kids. The kids aren’t in sports right now, there is no school schedule to work with and thankfully their camp schedule is laid back as well. So rather than sticking bedtimes on their nights, we’re enjoying the piles of blankets in the living room and hours of Wii, movies and various games.

What time is best for summer bedtimes

The majority of my work is done either in the mornings or late at night giving me time with the kiddos and the chaos that tends to surround our lives. For this to happen, we haven’t put a bedtime on our kids for the summer.

Younger Kids vs Older Kids

Our younger kids get tired around 9 pm, so we’ll put them down then. Our older kids will be up until midnight – and as long as there is no fighting and as long as they are getting plenty of sleep at night – we have no objections to no bedtime. Once chaos occurs, to bed their little behinds go.

summer bedtime

There have been a few blips where we’ve had to get up early, not expecting to – which has caused a riff, but for the most part, this works out well for our family. And what works for your family should be the kind of parenting style that you have. (hence the toeachtheirown parenting style).

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School Year Bedtimes

Come school time – we’ll have our schedules back in order with an early morning wake-up and an early night sleep. But until then – go enjoy your summer kids – even if it’s until midnight. Just, for the love of God do not fight or argue or too bed your butts will go.

Do Your Kids Have a Bedtime During the Summer Months?