The Joy of Dressing Boys – 7 Fall Fashion Staples For Boys

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My 3 sons. I grew up watching that show, but never thought that I would grow up to have 3 sons of my own (and a daughter!) Something that I have grown to appreciate with boys is the ease of dressing them.

My oldest son is 10 and still let’s me choose his clothes.

My daughter on the other hand, I haven’t been able to successfully shop for her since she gained an opinion at the age of 4.

October in Texas has been a dream. The kids are STILL swimming and shorts are an everyday staple until next week when the temperatures are suppose to take a dip and we will start to feel the fall weather.

With fall weather, comes fall clothes and since we have all of our fall/winter clothes packed away still in a Pod from our recent move – I’m on the hunt for new fall clothes for the boys.

Shopping for 3 boys is well, expensive. Our boys are 10, 5 and 4 so when I buy clothes I always consider the hand-me-down factor. I know that whatever my 10 year old wears this year, my 5 year old will wear the next year. Whatever the 5 year old wears this year, the 4 year old will wear next year. In order to make this hand-me-down system work – I make sure to find clothes that will last.

That’s why I love working with PS from Aero – they always provide great clothes that hold up and that are trendy but not so much so that my boys’ clothes will look dated when we do the hand-me-down next year. BONUS – their clothing line does not break the bank. I can always find a good deal, which this mom loves.

If you are shopping for boys this fall – here are 7 cute boy fall fashion staples that are a must-have in my boys’ wardrobe:

7 Fall Fashion Staples For Boys


Do your boys live in hoodies? Mine do! Especially now, since we are in the middle of shorts with a cool breeze season. The hoodie is perfect for the mornings when waiting at the bus stop.

Mom Tip: Always make sure that you write your kid’s name on the label of the hoodies! This will help if your kid is like mine and always leaving something somewhere and having items landing in lost and found.

Colored Jeans

I love the colored jeans, especially khaki. I’m not a huge fan of khaki slack pants for boy – probably because the oldest has to wear them everyday when we went to a school requiring uniforms. But the colored jeans just seem to fit better, look a little dressier than plain jeans and honestly changes the look a little because just about every day they are wearing regular denim.

Active Apparel

Active apparel is great for sweaty boys. The material is light weight so perfect for gym class or running around outside but still providing some warmth.

Plaid Shirt

I am mad about plaid. Plaid just screams FALL IS HERE and doesn’t seem to go out of style.


As I mentioned before, investing in good jeans if you have multiple boys and do the hand-me-down thing are a must. We’ve had our boys in PS From Aero jeans the last few years. It’s been great because I know I typically just have to buy for the oldest.

My boys are ROUGH on their clothes and am always amazed how minimal wear that PS From Aero jeans look each year when I pull them out of the fall/winter clothes bin.

Medium wash, boot-cut is our standard go to jean. These seem to fit each of our boys the best (even though each of our boys are built different,)


Because we are in Texas, t-shirts are year-round attire in these parts.


The classic beanie. This is a staple that you can’t go wrong with (and another thing to make sure you write your kid’s name on!) Keep those ears warm, or like one of my boys – he just wears it because – well because.

What Are Your Favorite Fall Fashion Staples?

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  1. I have two boys, 10 and 5 – this is a great post for them. But also for me, their dad – to help me look younger!


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