5 Technologies That You Use To Know

somebody that you use to know

Remember the flip phone, cassette and pager?  Yeah… now they’re just technologies that you used to know:

Technologies That You Use To Know

AOL American Online America Online

Anyone remember the days of America Online? Before the internet as we know it, many of us used this service to log on, surf and meet people. AOL was the match.com before match.com – it was the craigslist before craigslist – it was the chat before AIM – it was the Facebook before Facebook – now it’s aol.com, nothing like it use to be. Gone are the days of receiving AOL CDs in the mail.  RIP AOL

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web tv

Web TV

Remember Web TV? Created in 1995, there were high hopes that this would revolutionize the internet and move internet to the television. Yeah, it never seemed to work. Microsoft purchased and Web TV was renamed to MSN TV.

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cue catCue Cat

Cue cat anyone? Anyone remember this barcode scanner debuted in 1999. Digital Convergence Company had big plans with this device, but ultimately it ended up flopping. Special barcodes were placed through-out magazines, you would scan and then be taken to a URL. Sounds a little like QR codes, right? Good idea, before it’s time.

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??iomega zip driveZip Drives

I recall having to purchase one of these for my first college design class. The Iomega Zip Drives could hole massive *insert modern eye roll* amounts of data. How massive? We’re talking a *insert another eye roll* whopping 100 mg! Later versions could hold up to 750 mg. Yes, 1000 mg is 1 gig and yes 1 gig storage devices are now the size of my pinky.

You can file floppy drives under this as well.

tube televisionTube Televisions

Kids, before we had the sleek 1 inch thin LED televisions that we have today, we had lovely tube TVs. These massive televisions weighed a ton and required a table to hold them (**exaggeration** for those folks who only see black and white).  Today you can hang your tv on the wall. These tv’s required shelves to hold them up. Sayonara tube tvs.



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What Technology Is Next To Be Something That You Use To Know?

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