Never Lose Your iPhone Again – Find My iPhone App

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Never lose your iPhone again with the Find My iPhone App!

If you own an Apple iPhone there is a chance that you have left your beloved somewhere and have had that moment of PANIC. WHERE IS MY iPHONE?   You then resort to memory mode.

find my iphone app

“Okay, so I was at the dry cleaners, then Target and then went to Starbucks.” Next step proceeding to call or go visit the places that you were at trying to retrieve your lost iPhone.

Those days are over! Never lose your iPhone again! Well as long as you have battery life and the Find My iPhone App installed. And actually this app will find any of your iOS device (that has iOS 5 or higher installed!) – read more.

Find My iPhone App

A few weeks ago, I lost my iPhone. Usually this puts me in a state of panic, but I had finally gotten around to installing the Find My iPhone App and guess what – it worked! I had left my iPhone at TJ Maxx. Thankfully the manager had placed it in a lock drawer. I was able to retrieve it (Thanks TJ Maxx!) no problem.  After this incident, I’ve become a self-appointed public spokesperson for the Fine My iPhone App.

How to Use Find My iPhone App on the iPhone

First things first. Install the Find My iPhone app, it’s free.  Download Find My iPhone (also works on your iPad and iPod Touch!)

Once the app is installed – go to settings > iCloud > turn Find My iPhone to ON

That’s it for installation.

Let’s give the app a try – it’s good to know how to use before crisis mode. Side note: the Find My iPhone app is great if you lose your iPhone around the house as you can go send messages and a loud noise to your phone remotely to help you locate.

To use the Find My iPhone app – go to and log in with your Apple ID. Click on Find My iPhone.

find my iphone

Next you will see all of you iOS devices that are iCloud enabled. You will be able to locate them via a map. Note: your device must be on! There will be a green dot next to the devices that are on and locatable.

You will then see a map of where your device is located as well as giving you options. You can play a sound (it’s loud!), send a message, remote lock your device or if you know your device has been stolen you can remote wipe it (perfect for the celebrities who love to take nekkid pictures and have their iPhones stolen).

Learn how to install Find My iPhone on Your Mac

Do this now. Believe me if you lose your iPhone or other iOS device you will thank me. I’ll let you thank me by sending money. DM me and i’ll send you my Paypal address. 🙂

Happy Locating Your iPhone!


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