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5 Color Learning Apps for Toddlers

Help you toddlers learn their colors with these color learning apps for toddlers!

I recently discovered that any apps that I was installing on my iPhone, were installing on my iPad. That would be fine if it was just me using the iPad, but nowadays it’s just the toddlers using the tablet. I wiped the iPad, changed the settings, and am installing only educational apps on it.  

I should have known something was up when I started having tweets go out telling my Flappy Bird score. 

Best Color Learning Apps for Toddlers

One type of app that I want to encourage my youngest to use is an app to learn his colors. We are working on them, but he’s just not there yet.

best apps to teach toddler colors
best color learning apps for toddlers – best apps to teach toddler colors

Now a days, toddlers and tablets go hand and hand. Here are our picks for best kid tablets.

Learning Colors Apps

If you are a mom looking for preschool apps to help teach toddler colors, check out these 5 color apps for iOS. These work great on the iPad and are learning apps so don’t feel too bad about the screen time.

PEEP and the Big Wide World Paint Splat

Little fans of Peep and the Big Wide World will recognize the Chirp and Quack characters in this app.  

Chirp makes Quack jump on paint tubes to mix colors on the fence. Paint Splat gives kids the opportunity to mix colors, and match colors.

Download Peep and the Big Wide World Paint Splat App

Colory Caterpillar

The Colory Caterpillar apps is an interactive, color learning game for toddlers. Tots can put together colorful caterpillars by dragging parts together. Only parts with the same color can be connected. This app aims to help improve motor skills and teach kids about color.

Download Colory Caterpillar

Speak Colors

Speak Colors is a great app to play with your toddlers. The goal of the Speak Colors app is to encourage kids to imitate and use two-word phrases with color words and common objects.

Our youngest is delayed in his speech and language skills, so I was encouraged to see that this app is geared toward toddlers with speech and language delays — also toward kids with autism, Down syndrome, and other developmental disorders. 

Download Speak Colors App

Candy Count

Candy Count app will help teach your toddlers their colors and work on counting.  The app works on color recognition by having your tot sort objects into various bags based on their color. The color name is spoken to the tot to re-emphasize the color. 

Download Candy Count App

Laugh & Learn™ Shapes & Colors Music Show

The Laugh & Learn Shapes & Colors app was created by Fisher Price. While the age states 6 months and up, I think 2 years and up would be more appropriate.

The engaging app has two levels of play to grow with your child. The app teaches shapes, colors, first words, and action/reaction.

Download Laugh & Learn™ Shapes & Colors Music Show for Baby

While we do let our toddler play with our iPads, one thing we’ve learned is to make sure they are in a good case. Check out these iPad cases for toddlers.

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