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3 Best Color Learning Apps for Toddlers To Download

Help you toddlers learn their colors with these color learning apps for toddlers! I recently discovered that any apps that I was installing on my iPhone, were installing on my iPad.

That would be fine if it was just me using the iPad, but nowadays it’s just the toddlers using the tablet. I wiped the iPad, changed the settings, and am installing only educational apps on it.

Best Color Learning Apps for Toddlers

One type of app that I want to encourage my youngest to use is an app to learn his colors. We are working on them, but he’s just not there yet.

toddler learning colors on app

Now a days, toddlers and tablets go hand and hand. Here are our picks for best kid tablets.

Learning Colors Apps

If you are a mom looking for preschool apps to help teach toddler colors, check out these 5 color learning apps for iOS. These work great on the iPad and are learning apps so don’t feel too bad about the screen time.

color learning apps for toddlers

Color and Shapes

First on our list of the best color learning apps for toddlers is Color and Shapes. Embark on a colorful adventure with “Colors and Shapes,” the go-to app for parents wanting to introduce their toddlers to the vibrant world around them through fun and engaging learning games. Imagine turning every playtime into a delightful lesson in color recognition and shape identification, where every green tree and square window becomes a part of an interactive learning experience.

Color and Shapes App for learning colors and shapes

Designed with preschoolers in mind, this app doesn’t just teach; it brings the beauty of the world into the palms of their tiny hands, helping them learn to recognize and draw the wonders they see every day.

With “Colors and Shapes,” your child will dive into a series of unique mini-games that sharpen kindergarten readiness skills like tracing, matching, and building.

Whether it’s painting blank objects with a rainbow of colors, collecting items in a basket based on their color, or matching shapes to their outlines, each game is a stepping stone toward mastering basic concepts essential for early learning. And with its user-friendly touch screen interactions, it promises a fun and effortless educational environment that children will absolutely adore.

Download Colors & Shapes App

PEEP and the Big Wide World Paint Splat

Paint Splat is not just any color mixing game; it’s an interactive canvas where your toddler becomes the artist, with Quack and Chirp as their guides. Watch your little one’s delight as they help Quack jump on tubes of paint, splattering blue, yellow, and red across a fence to create a kaleidoscope of colors. But, it’s not all smooth sailing—there’s a hose lurking about ready to wash away their masterpiece, adding an element of surprise and giggles to the mix.

peep and the Big Wide World Paint Splar color app

This app is perfect for parents seeking a playful way to introduce their toddlers to the wonder of colors. Whether it’s experimenting with how blue and yellow make green, or the challenge of mixing the perfect shade of orange to match Chirp’s card, Peep and the Big Wide Paint Splat app offers endless opportunities for fun and learning. As the game progresses, and your child masters the basics, Chirp ups the ante with tertiary colors, ensuring the game grows with your child’s newfound skills.

Download Peep and the Big Wide World Paint Splat App

Speak Colors

The last of our color learning apps is Speak Colors. Imagine an iPad app that doesn’t just teach your toddler colors but also embarks them on a journey of words, phrases, and a rainbow of discoveries. Welcome to SpeakColors, the app that’s like a warm, encouraging hug for your child’s language development journey.

Designed with love for toddlers navigating speech and language delays, autism, Down syndrome, and other developmental challenges, SpeakColors is more than just an app—it’s a window to a world where colors speak, and every object has a story.

speak colors ipad app for kids

With SpeakColors, your little one will be doing more than just tapping on a screen; they’ll be learning, speaking, and growing. This app is your toddler’s personal language coach, helping them to mimic two-word phrases combining color words with everyday objects. It’s like watching a flower bloom—one color, one word at a time.

From a spectrum of seven common colors to a gallery of 100 vibrant photographs, your child will embark on a colorful adventure, discovering everything from the greenest grass to the reddest apple.

But here’s where the magic happens: children can record their own voices as they name the colors of food, animals, toys, and common objects, turning passive learning into an interactive experience. Imagine the pride in their little voices and the joy in their eyes as they hear themselves master new words, building their vocabulary, phrase length, and both receptive and expressive language skills along the way.

Download Speak Colors App

Helping Toddlers Learn Colors With an App

As we wrap up our colorful journey through the world of color learning apps for toddlers, it’s clear that introducing your little one to the vibrant spectrum around them has never been more engaging, educational, and downright fun.

These apps are not just tools; they’re gateways to a brighter, more curious world where every color has a story and every interaction sparks joy and discovery.

Whether your toddler is just beginning to differentiate between blue and green, or they’re ready to explore the subtle differences between turquoise and teal, there’s an app out there ready to meet them where they are.

While we do let our toddler play with our iPads, one thing we’ve learned is to make sure they are in a good case. Check out these iPad cases for toddlers.

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