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Staying Connected with Family Using Your Smart TV

Staying connected with your family is hard. This is what our family is doing.

With 4 kids and since both of us are from larger families there is no way we get to connect with everyone as much as we would like. Our family lives all over the place and uhm traveling with 6 people requires a 2 bedroom hotel now a days, so alas we connect using technology. (sad face: we heart road trips!)

staying connected with your smart tv

Over the last few years, Skype has been our method of choice in allowing our family to stay connected. It not only allows our family to see our kids, but to watch and interact with them. Their Skype personalities are quite like their everyday personalities (crazy) – and over the phone and via pictures just don’t capture who they are like video can.

Skyping has also been a God-send when me or my husband have to travel for work. I miss those babies and they do NOT understand the phone. Being able to see and hear my husband on the television is so much more heart warming and comforting then just hearing him on the phone.

skype on smart tvWith the Samsung ES8000, Skyping is totally easy. All you need is the app installed and a Skype account (which is free).  Simply choose Skype from the Smart Hub menu, login using your Skype login (free at and select the contact you wish to talk to or video chat with. Others can also “call” you via Skype while logged on!

Skype isn’t the only way to connect via the Samsung ES8000 Smart TV.  You can also use these methods to stay connected: Facebook, Flickr (for those who do short video or photography), Email or Daily Motion/YouTube (for those who video).  You also have access to a web browser, so any other way that you can connect via the web, can now be done on your Samsung Smart TV!

How Do You Stay Connected With Your Family? 

Check out the Samsung ES8000 Smart TV.