7 Remote Control Apps That Will Replace Your Remote Control

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Remote controls apps for smart tvs – never fret a lost remote again!

Our house is overrun by kids and dogs. We are lucky to go to sleep with the dishes done. Yes, the Fly Lady would just die if she walked into our house.

With the chaos, one of my biggest peeves is trying to keep up with the remote controls. There’s the remote for the TV, the Samsung sound bar, the Kindle Fire TV, the Apple TV, the Verizon FIOS box and the DVD players. I am sure I am missing some.  You get my drift, we are drowning in remotes and they are no where to be found. Thankfully there’s a solution for that. APPS!

remote control apps for smart tvs

That’s right, if you have a newer product – say a TV, especially if it’s a smart TV – there’s a chance that there’s an app for that. You can just download the app remote and control the television from your phone… brilliant, right? I honestly have come to the realization that we will just have to suck it up and pay when we move for new Verizon FIOS remotes for the cable box, but I’m not thinking about that at the moment because I can at least have all the functionality on my phone that a remote has.

I thought it might come in handy for you to get a glimpse at some of the remote control apps available.

Remote Control Apps that Make Life Easier!

Samsung Smart TV App

We are still loving our Samsung LED TV. We have had it for 2 years, and it’s quite amazing I must say. Samsung was the first of our devices to use an app as a remote.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

LG Smart TV App

We have an LG smart TV in our bedroom. Again, the remote is no where in sight – but thankfully our smart phones are always with us.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Apple TV Remote App

Lose your Apple TV remote? ME TOO! No worries with this app replacement!

Download for iOS

Verizon FIOS App

Verizon FIOS cable subscribers – you will love this FIOS remote control. It acts just like your normal remote control – the perfect companion for when your remote is stuck in some random couch cushion!

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Sony TV Remote App

For your Sony TV people, download this free app. In addition to acting as a remote, it will also act as a TV guide.

This app is compatible with Xperia devices, Samsung GALAXY devices, Google Nexus devices, and Android devices by all manufacturers, but some features may be limited depending on the model and version.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Google TV Remote App

If your TV is equipped with Google TV integration, check out the Google TV remote app.

Download for Android

Hopefully you can find at least one app that will help save you a little bit of sanity and not having to worry about where the @#$@ remote control is!

What remote control apps did I miss? Let us know and we will link up!

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