Not Your Dad’s Camcorder – Meet the JVC Everio Camcorder

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I am a big fan of video, but see I am also a big fan of photography. Sure my DSLR can shoot video, but how am I suppose to take photos of my son blowing out his candles on his birthday cake AND capture it in photos? Problem resolved thanks to JVC.

Last week we received the JVC Everio Quad Proof Camcorder (thanks JVC!) and what a week it’s been. This camcorder has already shot a wedding and a birthday party. We are headed out for a road trip soon that involves water. Oh wait, keep reading and you’ll know why I can’t wait to use this on our vacay!

JVC Quad Proof Camcorder Review

In addition to family fun, I’ve started shooting a lot more for the Digital Mom Blog YouTube channel (follow, if you aren’t already!) I just shot a new wine cooler review and will link up when that goes live in a few days.

Let’s talk about why this camcorder is fabulous (and why it’s definitely NOT your dad’s camcorder!)

The camcorders that I remember are big, clunky and always running out of battery. There were the tapes you had to buy and how you had to have a special bag to bring it wherever you wanted to bring it, because it was super fragile. That was then, this is now..

JVC Quad Proof Camcorder

The JVC Everio Quad Proof Camcorder is named that for a reason: QUAD PROOF because it can survive a variety of elements it’s water proof, dust proof, shock proof and freeze proof.

jvc quad proof camcorder

Yes, you want this it’s waterproof to a depth of 16 feet, shock proof to withstand a 4.9-foot drop, freeze proof down to 14 degrees, and dust proof. What’s more, it floats! I should add TODDLER PROOF as well. I love that it’s so family friendly. I can confidently hand the camcorder to my 11-year-old knowing that it will survive. That is HUGE.

Here is more about this device:


This is totally light-weight. Compared to the DSLR – well there is no comparison my DSLR is heavy.

HD Video – 1080p


40x Optical Zoom

Get in real close with this zoom.

Illumination Light

I was shooting in my kitchen at night with crappy lighting and the video still turned out great!

3 Inch LCD Touchscreen

You can flip the LCD around if you want to see yourself on camera (or let your kids see themselves, my kids love this.) AND TOUCH SCREEN! To change options, it’s super easy with just a touch on the LCD screen.

Fun Colors

This camcorder comes in not only black, but blue and red as well.

SD Drive

The Quad Proof uses an SD card for storage. You just slide in your SD card and then when you want to pull off video, put in the SD card into your computer to download. Easy peasy, awesome.

family camcorder

If you are looking for a great way to capture your family on video, definitely check out the JVC Quad Proof camcorder. This would make a great gift and is something that you will appreciate for many years! Stay tuned, many many videos to come! Thanks JVC!

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