Sol Republic Tracks Air Bluetooth Headphones – What a Difference Good Headphones Make!

Have you seen our Sol Republic Relays In-Ear Headphones Giveaway? Check It OUT!

Confession: I have never owned a good pair of headphones. Sure, the headphones that came with my phone are great. Yes, my husband has a nice pair that drown out everything so that he can work at home. But me? Nope. (and yes, I write about tech. Yes, my house is full of random gadgets. But good headphones for myself, nope never had them.)

sol republic headphones
(Uhm, totally UNINTENTIONAL duck face going on here)

Last week Sol Republic sent me a pair of their Tracks Air Bluetooth Headphones. These headphones are amazing. I put them on and the world is drowned out. The sound is incredible, it’s like I am listening to ColdPlay play live just for me. And they are bluetooth so that means I can get up and move around. You know when a kid comes running in, waiving their hands – wanting me to break away from my personal ColdPlay concert to attend to their every need…. But hey I can at least where my headphones while attending to whatever chaos they’ve created!

And you know what I like even more than ME having these Tracks Air headphones? Sol Republic is going to giveaway a pair to one of YOU! Keep reading for details…

sol republic air tracks headphones

See the chaos. This is our family room. CHAOS. See birthday party decorations from 2 weeks ago. See plates out from kids eating pretzels all day. See kid playing on my computer. Yep, this is my life.

tracks air earphones

Sol Republic Tracks AIR Bluetooth Headphones

Let’s talk about these headphones and what makes them so rad. Oh side note: These are the first wireless headphones from SOL REPUBLIC, in collaboration with Motorola. 

tracks air giveaway1. Comfortable

These puppies, okay headphones – fit perfect. You can adjust the headband and positioning. The earphones themselves cover my ears and well are just comfortable. They don’t feel bulky at all!

2. Bluetooth

I mean really… no cords needed, hello!

3. Multi-tasker Friendly

Have I mentioned I am a wee bit A.D.D.? The Tracks AIR will connect to 2 devices at once. I just click a button and BOOM switches devices.

4. 15 Hour Battery Life

These headphones will stay on for a loooooonnngggg time – and when they do need to charge, just simply use a micro-USB (which is included) to charge them.

5. Sound

Crystal clear sound allowing you to drown out the noise. These are fabulous, and can see these being perfect for students and of course MOMS OF 4 KIDS.

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Let’s give a pair of these Sol Republic Tracks AIR away to a Digital Mom Blog reader! Good Luck!! Don’t forget to use the contest form to tell-a-friend for MORE entries!!

*color of headphones may vary

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  • Carla Dennis

    Would Love to win these Headphones!

  • Nicole

    Oh these look fabulous. I also don’t have a good pair of headphones. And so my poor computer is usually on mute. I NEED these!

  • Erica Florez

    I would love to win this!

  • Erica Florez

    Would love to win this!

  • Christy Caldwell

    My teenager has been begging for these. Would love to win them for him.

  • Amy Greene

    These would make my life complete! I have a son who is a talker after a day of listening to him talk, my nerves are on end. These would definitely help find a little piece of sanity in my day!

  • Marjorie Fleming

    This would be such a awesome Christmas gift.

  • Tina d Reynolds

    my oldest son would just love these thanks so much for the chacne

  • amy deeter

    i would love the chance to win this

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