10 Reasons We Love the LeapPad 3

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It’s here, the Leap Pad 3! MomSelect and LeapFrog gave our toddlers the new LeapPad 3 to try out and can’t wait to tell you all about it!

leappad 3 review

Each of our 4 kids have grown up on LeapFrog products. Our 2 oldest kids  had the Leapsters for years. All of our kids have played with the Leap Frog, the music box that hangs on our refrigerator.

The drum that sings songs, even after years of being thrown around. The LeapTop that my son sits next to me playing on while I work. So when asked if we would like to try out the Leap Pad 3 – Yes, please. We love this tablet!

Leap Pad 3

We have had the Leap ad 3 for just over a week, and I can say that this toy has been played with EVERY SINGLE DAY.  It’s charged every night (with a standard USB cord, yay! No weird charger!) and it’s played with all day long.

The above photo is of my 4-year-old at my sister’s wedding. Well, it was actually right after, before the reception. I was in charge of photos and the LeapPad 3 kept him busy so I could get the shots we wanted.

Here are the top 10 things that we LOVE about the LeadPad 3:

As I mentioned, our kids are very familiar with the LeapFrog products. Like their other products, this device doesn’t disappoint. It is very durable. I have 3 boys – should I say more. The games and feel of the device are similar to other LeapFrog products.

This brings a sense of familiarity (and from a marketing perspective, awesome branding) to the product. LeapFrog is definitely a brand name that our family has grown to trust.

1. Perfect Size

It’s dimensions are 7.5 x 5.2 x 1 which translates into the perfect size tablet for a toddler’s hands and lap. The screen is 5 inches.

2. Battery Life

6+ hours of battery life baby!

3. Charges with a Standard USB Plug

No fancy special charger needed to charge the LeapPad 3, it uses a standard USB plug.

4. 2 Cameras

This tablet has both front and back cameras. Perfect for little photographers.

5. Wide Age Range

This tablet is geared for ages 3-9. There are various apps that appease the interest of all of those ages. Perfect seeing that we have 3 boys, ages: 3, 4 and 9.

6. Multi-User

You can setup profiles for each of your kids. Love this.

7. Durable

Did I mention how durable this thing is??  It is toddler-tough. We need more toddler-tough products with these boys.

8. Stylus Attached

Don’t worry about losing your stylus. The stylus is attached with a short string (and it’s sturdy, did I mention that products have to be toddler-tough around here?)

9. Apps Not Just Cartridges

You can download apps, no need to buy cartridges with the Leap Pad 3. 10 apps are included with the device, but with an internet connection – you can connect to the app store to find over 1000+ educator approved games and apps!  This will keep your child engaged. This isn’t a toy that they will just play with once and throw to the way side.

10. Kid Safe

I can let the kids play with the LeapPad 3 and totally don’t have to worry about what they are playing. I know they aren’t on the web or playing something that maybe questionable.

While my kids have played with other tablets, I will say this about the LeapPad 3 that makes it stand out from the others – this tablet is made JUST for kids (geared towards ages 3-9.) I don’t have to worry about what they are playing. And I know what they are playing is typically educational in nature on the LeapPad 3.

The LeapPad 3 retails for $99.99 and is available in green, pink and coming soon, teal.

Watch our complete Leap Pad 3 review on YouTube.

Thanks to LeapFrog and Mom Select

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