Let’s Karaoke! Meet the Singing Machine – The Ultimate Tween Gift

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Do you have a hard time buying for your tween? My daughter is 11 and she is in this terrible stage of hard to buy for. She’s too old for Barbies and too young (thankfully) to want clothes, accessories and things of the such. So what do you buy the hard to buy for tween? We have the ultimate tween gift suggestion:

Let’s Karaoke! The Ultimate Tween Gift

singing machine karaoke ipad

Singing Machine sent us over one of these to review and it has been used NON-STOP. While the primary user has been my daughter, who dresses up and pretends she’s on stage making the dogs and her brothers act as the audience.

Fun for the Whole Family

karaoke ipad

We have other’s in the house that love this thing as well. The toddlers and their rendition of “Let It GO” is quite hilarious. And though this is made for karaoke, this mom – who can’t sing – DOES LOVE the MICROPHONE.

I am trying to stop yelling at my kids. With the microphone I just crank up the volume and talk REAL LOUD. It’s not yelling and they get the point quick. (And can hear me from just about anywhere in the house!)

Want to know what happens when you try to get your tween to help you with a blog review (and see the Singing Machine in action?)

Singing Machine Karaoke App

With the Singing Machine Mobile Karaoke App – you can hook up your iPad to the Singing Machine ISM990BT and download songs directly from the app!

karaoke machine
karaoke machine

Our kids downloaded some Elvis, yes… Elvis, not Ylvis… We’ve been Jail House Rocking and it was super easy to download. (Download Karaoke App Here)

Karaoke Hook Up to Your TV

Having a party? This karaoke machine is perfect as you can hook ie up to your tv!

IfIf you are looking for a great gift for a tween, or really for anyone that loves to karaoke – the Singing Machine ISM990BT is a great choice.

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