Canon 70D Review

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Hopefully this review of the Canon 70D will give you a glimpse into the unexpected awesomeness of this camera. Before I start, you need to know 2 things.

canon 70d review dslr camera

1. I am a die hard Canon fan.

2. I DID NOT want the Canon 70D – I wanted the Canon 7D. Say those 2 camera names outloud. Canon 70D and Canon 7D. Sounds the same, right?

Okay, now let’s chat. Every Christmas morning, we are talking the WEE hours of the morning – think 3 am, my husband and I are always still awake wrapping presents and setting up for the big Christmas morning hoo-ha with the kids. We always exchange gifts when it’s just me and him. It’s our little Christmas with just us two.

His big gift was still at my sister’s. I totally forgot to pick it up. She had been hiding it for me. I gave him his small gifts and then he handed me two presents.

The first, a gift card to nail place. The second, I DID NOT SEE coming. It was the Canon 70D. He knew I wanted a new camera, and was saving up for the Canon 7D, so I thought – CRAP – I can’t say anything – he totally bought the wrong camera on accident! He totally misheard me.

Best Gift for Moms

The best gift for moms is a way to make memories last forever and a Canon 70d can pretty much do that!

My patient loving husband, sat there waiting for me to open the camera box. Before I could say anything he blurted…. I researched and researched and I KNOW you wanted the 7D – but this is a WAY better camera, I promise.

It took me 48 hours and price matching (yes, I am cheap and want to make sure he gets the best deal for this!) for me to officially accept this gift and woah, can you say BEST GIFT EVER?

I use my camera for my job just about everyday, but this was way more than I ever expected.

Canon 70D Review

Let’s talk review the Canon 70D and then we will look at the reasons my husband chose this over the Canon 7D.

canon 70d review

Also, here’s a list of the cameras I have had to get to where we are now:

I told you I was a Canon fan! While I LOVE my Canon 60D, I was thinking maybe we would move full-frame. And the Canon EOS -M is pretty much my husband’s camera at this point. Those were my valid reasons for wanting to upgrade to the 7D. I am totally in love with the 70D, and here is why:

  • 20.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • ISO 100-12800 (awesome in a variety of light)
  • DIGIC 5+ Image Processor (super fast and great image quality)
  • Full HD Movie Mode WITH auto focus (yes, it auto focuses when shooting video!!)
  • 3.0 inch Touch Screen (This is AWESOME when navigating through the menus and selecting focus points)
  • 98% Field of View
  • WIFI Enabled (I can take photos with my iPhone AND download them to my phone, how cool is that – same with the computer!)

The build definitely feels better on the 70D vs 60D.

I just can’t get over how much I love this!

canon 70d CES

My husband and I attend CES 2014 – the Canon 70D was one of the highlights of the Canon booth. Canon calls this camera “The Game Changer” and we can see why.

Here are my husband’s thoughts on why he chose the Canon 70D vs Canon 7D:

Canon 70D vs Canon 7D

  • 18 megapixels – 7D vs 20.2 megapixels – 70D
  • 70D is WIFI enabled
  • 70D features a touchscreen monitor (that swings out like the 60D)
  • ISO 100-6400 – 7D vs ISO 100-12800 – 70D
  • DIGIC 4+ -7D vs DIGIC 5+ – 70D

I think he made a great choice. I love the Canon 70D.

canon 70d vs canon 7d

If you are in the market for a new DSLR, want more than an entry level DSLR – but not ready to spend buy a camera that costs as much as a used car – definitely give the Canon 70D a whirl.

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  1. Would you mind reviewing the Canon Rebel that you had, or some of the others? I am looking for a DSLR, but $1500 is too much for a first camera. I’m looking at $500 or less (preferably less) for body-only, so I have some wiggle room with lenses. Thanks!


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