5 Products to Make Your Home Office More Productive

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Boost your work at home productivity with these 5 products!

I have worked a home for the last several years. In our previous house, I had my own office. We moved last year, and finally have re-arranged and now no longer have to work in the corner of the bedroom.

While it’s a pleasant change of scenery – the office armoire thing, just doesn’t jive well with my creativity – there is definitely room for improvement.

Work at Home Productivity

I am one of those people who is always looks to be more productive. I am sure it drove my former employees up a wall, I know for sure it drives my husband crazy!

home office productivity

So after checking out our work memes, let’s get productive. If you are like me, and are all for productivity in the office place – check out these 5 products that will help with productivity in your home office!

Smart Monitor Stand

The Staechi monitor stand that lifts your screen and puts ports up front where you can easily access them

monitor stand
  • Features 4 USB ports to connect and efficiently charge and transfer data in a convenient location underneath the monitor
  • Headphone and microphone ports allow users to easily connect headphones or speakers to the computer or microphone of voice chat or speech-to-text software
  • Creates additional workspace to organize tablet, laptop, charging station, smartphone, office supplies, keyboard and more
  • Strong aluminum alloy legs can support large variety of devices up to 22lbs.
  • Raises to one of two preset heights for maximum comfort to reduce eye and neck strain
  • Improves ventilation of computer or laptop

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I am so needing to get one of these AOC USB Monitors!  My big iMac needs help, so I have been using my Macbook Pro. I LOVE my Macbook Pro – but let’s face it… productivity compared to a 27 inch monitor is well – you can’t compare the two.

portable usb monitor

I miss my dual screen setup and this monitor folds up and is powered by USB! HELLO AWESOME!

New, sleek USB-powered portable LED monitor is the must-have laptop accessory

  • New lighter and slimmer model of AOC’s popular portable USB Monitor is perfect for dual monitor setups at the office, home and on-the-go
  • Receives both power and signal from a single USB 3.0 cable, and does not require a power cord or VGA cable
  • Features a frame-style stand for viewing in both landscape and portrait modes; stand stores flush against monitor when not in use
  • Comes with cover for easy storage and protection
  • Fits in your laptop bag, making it easy to carry it along with your laptop for added productivity when traveling on business
  • Simple to set up with plug-and-play connection
  • Offers great picture quality with efficient LED display
  • Compatible with both PC and Mac

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Mini Wireless Keyboard

I am a kick-back keyboard on my lap kind of gal, even when working on my laptop. This mini-wireless keyboard by Penclic will let you do just that.

wireless keyboard

Wireless mini keyboards compact size and quiet-touch keys create a unique visual and ergonomic experience while maximizing work space and productivity

  • Sleek, Scandinavian design combines superior functionality without sacrificing comfort for size; compact size allows you to centralize your work position, creating better focus and maximized desk space
  • Optimal 5 mm profile and ergonomic design decreases strain on the wrists, serving to counteract and reduce Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Quiet-touch keys reduce noise and offer great tactile feeling, allowing you to utilize small keystrokes and minimal pressure when typing, leading to quicker results and productivity
  • Compatible with Windows XP and later, Mac OSX version 10.1 or later and most Linux/BSD systems
  • Nano USB- receiver with wireless reach up to 16 feet; rechargeable battery lasts up to 2 months before additional charging is required
  • Available in several language variations and contemporary and relaxing colors that make the keyboard as easy on your eyes as it is on your fingertips.

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Charging Stations for the Home, Bedroom and Office

Charging cords can go everywhere, and so can devices. We created a post to help solve the problem of device clutter.

desktop charging stations
charging station

These charging stations for home, bedroom and office offer a great solution to help keep your productive and organized.

Best Charging Stations

Extra Wide Monitor

Thankfully I don’t have to look at Excel documents anymore – but if I did – this extra wide monitor from AOC would definitely boost productivity with it’s 29-inch UltraWide display!

extra wide monitor for excel
  • Full HD 1080P resolution creates superior picture sharpness, while the IPS panel allows you to view your spreadsheets or movies from virtually any angle
  • Offers multiple connections like DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI, so that Blu-ray players, computers and other signal sources can be connected and displayed simultaneously at a high resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels
  • Offers a cinematic widescreen movie viewing experience with no top and bottom black bars
  • Equipped with PIP (Picture in Picture) and PBP (Picture by Picture) functions
  • MHL technology allows you to mirror your smartphone on the monitor’s 29-inch wide screen, while also charging the mobile device
  • Ultra slim bezel and titanium finish make the display an elegant and space-saving addition to home or office
  • Energy Star qualified monitor uses about 30% less energy than standard units, and is free of arsenic, mercury and BFR/PVC laminatest

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What tools do you to keep you productive in your home office?