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2013 GMC Acadia Review

Last week, I was given a week with the GMC Acadia. If you are an anti-minivan mom like myself, no offense to minivan moms, of course – this is a SUV to check out. Let’s dive into why it’s so great.

GMC Acadia Loves

gmc acadia

1. It’s Roomy!

7 passenger suv

The GMC Acadia offers seating for 7. For a family of 6, seating for 7 means we all fit and there is wiggle room! Wiggle room means less fighting. With 2 captain chairs and a bench in the back, getting in and out is fairly easy. We used 1 car seat in a captain chair and another in the back seat to allow 1 of the seats to fold down easily. It’s roomy without being a huge SUV!

2. Low Fuel Indicator

low fuel

I am jumping over to low fuel indicator because this thing is greatness. I have a similar vehicle to the GMC Acadia, a Buick Enclave. While I LOVE my Enclave, the biggest downfall is when you are out of gas – YOU ARE OUT OF GAS. I’ll never forget my husband, who has asthma pushing our car 1/4 a mile to a gas station the second week we had it while it was 100 degrees outside, I was pregnant crying. ALL that to say, the low fuel indicator on this particular model comes up on the radio screen panel and will guide you to a nearby gas station. BRILLIANT!

3. Dual Temperature Controls

dual controls

My husband likes cold, I like it HOT. With dual temperature controls, you can vary the temperatures for the driver and passenger. BRILLIANT. This could save a marriage.

sunroof4. Sunroof and Moonroof

This SUV not only had a moonroof which opened above the driver and passenger seat – there has a large sunroof (that didn’t open) in the back that let in MASSIVE amounts of sunlight. If you don’t like sunlight there is a manual sunshade that blocks it out. It’s pretty amazing, and it actually rained here in Texas so the kids had a ball watching the rain hit the sunroof.

5. Rear Entertainment System

Last year we tested out the Chevrolet Traverse and it had the rear entertainment system in it. My husband was so impressed with how it quieted the kids, he spent his birthday money and bought one for our Buick Enclave.  Needless to say, kids quiet in the car makes the rear entertainment system one of our favorite features and reasons we love this GMC Acadia.

rear entertainment system is worth it

Those are my top 5, but have to admit things like connecting to Pandora via the radio – super sweet! The remote start and power lift gate are great handy mom features. The fact that the chairs all fold forward giving you massive amounts of hauling space – gotta love it. The awesome rear view camera allowing me to parallel park is a fave.

Great Family Vehicle

It’s a great toddler friendly car – plus big kid friendly. We hauled pumpkins, went to the Texas State Fair, made countless trips to the grocery store. Needless to say it was a fun ride.

The one thing I can say that I didn’t like, is they picked it up last Friday. Womp.

the boys

Thanks GMC for the fun week driving around the Acadia!

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