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7 FUN Birthday Photos You Must Take!

We are talking picture taking, photography stuff today with birthday photos being the topic! Let’s look at what you should be shooting for a fun and memorable Birthday photoshoot!

Every birthday, as either myself, husband or one of my kids blows out their candles – I can’t help but feel a bit of sadness. Another year has passed which means time is flying by.  I am all about embracing the moment and birthdays give you the opportunity to do just that.

Birthday Photoshoot

Last year I published, 7 Pictures You Must Take on Christmas and it’s been a huge success. Christmas is another special day and there are certain photos I snap every year. Let’s talk about pics to take for a memorable birthday photoshoot!

must take birthday photos

I just celebrated a birthday and in my extended family, we have birthday season coming up where we have a handful of birthdays within a few weeks. Each of these days there are certain birthday photos I like to snap. Keep this list handy and use it as a shot list for your next birthday party.

Must-Take Birthday Photos

Think of this as your birthday photo shot list. Photographs to take on birthdays!

Birthday Morning

We decorate either the birthday kids’ door, or the hallway or the house (depending on mom’s schedule) the morning of the birthday. It’s always fun to see their reaction and to kick off the day with a party.

birthday door

This was my daughter’s birthday door when she turned 10.

birthday decorations photo

This is the hallways in our house. We decorated it crazy birthday style so that when our 4-year-old woke up and ran down the hall to our room, he would be awaited with a early birthday morning celebration.

Birthday Photoshoot with Cake

One of the must take photos for birthdays is a birthday photoshoot with cake. This doesn’t have to be fancy!

birthday cake photo

It’s a great way to not only capture a photo of the birthday cake that you paid so much for (or spent so much time on) and then was eaten.

In this birthday photo with the cake, our son E was going thru a must wear 3D glasses stage.

birthday photo candles

This birthday photoshoot with cake featured a crying sibling!

The day of Izaiah’s party – it rained. We had a park pavilion booked, but with the down pour there was no way we would be celebrating his day at the park with kites and fun outdoor activities.

The day of Izaiah’s party – it rained. We had a park pavilion booked, but with the down pour there was no way we would be celebrating his day at the park with kites and fun outdoor activities.

teen birthday quarantine ideas

Here is a pic from our daughters birthday cake photoshoot during her last birthday. Read our social distancing birthday ideas!

Baby Cake Smash Photos

Here is our littlest and his baby cake smash photos. Read more about smash cakes.

baby cake smashed

Blowing Out the Cake

One of my favorite shots each birthday is the kids blowing out the candles on their cake.

birthday photos  blowing out birthday candles

Birthday Photoshoot Opening Presents

One year, I am going to follow thru on my attempt to get pictures of my kid with every present that they own and send it as a thank you to the gift giver.

opening birthday gift photos

Someday… it’s such a lovely thought, but never happens.

Family and Friends

There are only a few times a year that we are with some of our friends and family on birthdays. Take this opportunity to snap a few pics!

birthday photos to take

If you have a teenager, you absolutely cannot forget to take birthday photos with their friends. Even if it’s with an iPhone. Just take the photo!

birthday photo with friends

Just the Birthday Kid

Take a photo of just the birthday kid. Try to be intentional with this, as this is a fun series to shoot. Each year, on their special day a photo of them.

birthday photos

It’s funny looking back on how a photo can tell a story.  In the below photo, I remember Zeke had just gone thru a tragic mishap with scissors and his pinky finger. We were doing anything to keep him happy because he had a massive bandage that prevented him from moving his finger and hard to move his hand — so we fed him a chocolate cupcake before the actual birthday cake to keep him happy and busy.

birthday photo z

My girl on our 11th birthday. We decorated our chalk board wall with a birthday message to celebrate her big day!

Growth Chart

We have a massive ruler, similar to this one – that hangs in our main hall. I love this thing. I remember my parents’ marking our height on the kitchen door growing up. Unfortunately, they moved and the door stayed.

I wanted something to mark our kid’s height on that would stay with us for years to come. We note the kids’ height and the date, so we can see how much they grow year-to-year. We only do this once a year for each child.

birthday photo  measuring growth chart

Each birthday, we mark the kids’ height and take a photo. It’s a fun photo that the kids enjoy taking each year.

Must Take Birthday Photos

And there you have it! 7 ideas for birthday photos to take. Have a suggestion? Leave a comment.

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