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Fortnite Safety for Kids: A Parent’s Guide to Secure Gaming

Fortnite Safety – we all want to keep our kids safe on Fortnite, the internet and in real life – right? That’s our job as parents! We are to help raise kids into good people by guiding and teaching our children the wrongs and rights of the world.

Navigating Fortnite Safety: From Awareness to Action

I’m a mom of four, and believe me, I understand the real struggle of balancing the fun and risks of online gaming. But, letting our guard down isn’t an option. It’s crucial that we stay vigilant, ensuring our kids grasp the dos and don’ts of both the virtual and real world, Fortnite included.

Practical Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe in Fortnite

To aid fellow parents, I’m sharing effective strategies to safeguard your children in the realm of Fortnite. Remember, as parents, it’s our duty to protect them, both in this popular game and in life.

how to keep kids safe  fortnite safety

Here are things you need to know and ways to keep your kids safely playing the game.

Beware of Potential Threats

Fortnite’s staggering user base of over 200 million players unfortunately includes sexual predators. This isn’t unique to Fortnite; predators are a sad reality of the internet and our communities. The key is to educate our children on awareness and personal safety.

Get to Know Fortnite

Arm yourself with knowledge by utilizing our comprehensive Fortnite safety guide for parents. Understanding the game is the first step in knowing how to keep your kids safe.

Account Security is Paramount

In our household, full access to online accounts, including Fortnite, is a rule. Ensure you know your child’s login details and monitor their activities.

Online Identity Protection

Advise your children against using their real names for gaming profiles to maintain their anonymity.

Location Privacy

Teach your children never to disclose their location online. Just as we do in the physical world, the digital realm requires the same caution.

Guard Against Inappropriate Interactions

Make sure your children understand the importance of not engaging in or responding to inappropriate communications. Predators may use manipulative tactics, such as offering game advancement in exchange for photos. It’s essential to have open conversations about these risks.

Utilize Parental Controls

Set clear boundaries for Fortnite playtime and activities. Familiarize yourself with and implement Fortnite’s parental controls to create a safer gaming environment.

Regular Check-Ins

Make a habit of checking in on your child’s gaming activities. Know who they’re playing with and the nature of their online interactions.

The predators approached the children with promises to help them level in exchange for pictures. If the victim sent the photos, they received threats that the pictures would be shared unless they provided additional photos that were even more explicit. Communication between the extortionist and victim took place through Instagram. 


We have to be diligent and make sure that kids understand right from wrong.

The Role of the Parent

Ultimately, the most effective strategy for keeping your kids safe in Fortnite is to be proactive and involved. Set rules, have open dialogues, monitor their gaming, and establish a safe online environment.

While the digital landscape, including Fortnite, can be fraught with risks, it’s part of our parental duty to be informed and proactive in our children’s online and offline lives.

We might not shield them from every danger, but through guidance, education, and vigilance, we can significantly reduce their risks and ensure they enjoy a safer gaming

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