Fortnite game is that latest gaming crazy that all the kids (and adults are playing.) We are breaking it down for you!

Digital mom is sharing all the latest Fortnite news, trends, gift ideas, facts, stats and even a parent guide to help you navigate what is what with this game.

best fortnite cakes

13 Ultimate Fortnite Cakes That Will Level Up Your Party

Best Fortnite Cakes - we are sharing awesome Fortnite cake ideas for your next Battle Royale birthday bash. From DIY cakes to fondant, lets get inspired!

10 Fascinating Fortnite Stats 2024 Edition – Learn How Many People Are Playing and More!

Fortnite Stats - updated for 2021! From how many people are playing Fortnite to how much money Epic Games is making. Fascinating stats for Fortnite play.
fortnite valentine boxes ideas and designs

Fortnite Valentine Box Ideas

Explore the ultimate Fortnite Valentine box ideas that are sure to win hearts at your next class party. Think outside the box with Battle Bus and Llama themes!
fortnite valentine

Free Fortnite Valentines Cards – Printable and Editable!

Fortnite Valentines Cards for FREE download! We have your free Fortnite Valentine’s Day cards! The best free Valentine’s printable for your gamer. Free Fortnite Valentine’s ... Read more

10 Things Parents Need to Know About Fortnite

 Let’s chat and talk about what parents need to know about Fortnite. Is Fortnite bad for kids? Those are the words being asked by many parents. ... Read more
fortnite players

Crazy Fortnite Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

With all the rage of this game, we found some crazy Fortnite Facts to share with your favorite gamer. You won’t believe how many people ... Read more
fortnite gifts ideas

Best Fortnite Gifts: Easy Gift Ideas for Players

Best Fortnite Gift Ideas - Find your Fortnite player the perfect present. From shirts to in game gifts, here are the top picks for Fortnite gifts.
free fortnite invitation birthday

Free Fortnite Invitations: Template for Print and Evite

Fortnite Invitations - Download your free Fortnite invitation template ready for you to customize - also evite template. Perfect for an amazing Fortnite Party.