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Fortnite Parental Controls

With the kids on screens playing all the time, you maybe asking How Do I SetupFortnite parental controls?  Here is what you should know. These tips will help parents feel more comfortable with their kids playing.

First let’s talk about setting time limits, also we will talk about chat settings and in-app and in-game purchases. 

How to Set Fortnite Time Limits

Fortnite time limits are a must.I say this because I have THAT kid who will play 24/7 unless he is given strict time limits and boundaries!

Set Time Limits with Fortnite Parental Controls

Parents, this maybe the very reason you found this article and I TOTALLY GET IT. If you need to help setting time limits on Fortnite play – here are a few ways to do this.

Disney Circle and Fortnite

Let’s talk about Disney Circle and Fortnite. You can easily set time limits for Fortnite using the Circle device.

We have the Disney Circle and I have a teenager who will play Fortnite until sunrise if left alone.

disney circle time limits fortnite

Disney Circle is an internet monitoring device for parents. In addition to setting daily limits for Fortnite for your kids, you can also block platforms and websites easily from the Circle app. 

Learn more about Disney Circle

iOS Settings

If your kid is playing using the iOS Fortnite app – here is how to set time limits on their game play. 

With iOS, you can set time limits on any app in order to encourage healthy usage.

  1. Enable GUIDED ACCESS in Settings.
  3. Triple-click the HOME BUTTONon your iPhone to launch Guided Access.
  4. Tap OPTIONSon the bottom left of your screen.
  5. Tap the SWITCHnext to TIME LIMIT.
  6. Move the WHEELSto choose a time limit. (It will allow you to choose from 1 minutes to 23 hours)

Restricting Chat in Fortnite 

As mentioned above, the game itself does not have profanity – but let’s face it, there are some stupid people saying stupid things on these games that would be best if you child did not hear so the best way to do this is by restricting chat.

Something to note: Chat cannot be disabled, only the “global chat” which is like a large chat room that exists outside of missions. Inside missions there is no way to turn off chat.

You can restrict voice chat by going to the Voice Communications Privacy Settingsand choosing disabling voice chat.

Fortnite In-Game Purchases

My son has his Current debit hooked up to Fortnite. My nephew was over so I let them stay up late and play all night. I woke up with 3 notifications on my phone that he had bought 3 different purchases from Fortnite, totaling over $80. It’s his money but NO.

I immediately blocked any future purchases from Fortnite – I told him I’d unblock but he had to tell me when he wanted to make a purchase.

Apparently he wanted the latest season and then he upgraded his cousin as well. That’s great, but KID – MONEY IS MONEY. 

Fortnite In-App Purchases

While fortunately, we have our apps all tied together with Apple Family – my brother’s family isn’t so lucky. My nephew – the one mentioned above, made several hundred dollars worth of in-app Fortnite purchases. 

Parents! If you have Apple devices, USE APPLE FAMILY. You can set and authorize what limits you want your kids to have. 

Should I Let My Kid Play Fortnite?

This is a question we hear a lot. Parents want a black and white answer of either YES, it’s safe for kids or NO, it’s not safe for kids. Unfortunately, this decision is up to you are the parent. Read below and take in what you think is best for your kid and their maturity level. 

Should I let my kids play fortnite?

Personally, we let our younger kids (7 and 8-years-old) play, but with limits and most of the time that they do play, they are playing with their dad. 

The truth is, it all depends on the kids. While there is minimal violence and no real blood and gore in Fortnite, some kids just may not be mature enough to play. Regardless of your child’s age, do make sure that you are moderating screen time

The Fortnite game is rated T for Teen. We explain this game rating more in What is Fortnite?.

Something to know, the game is quite tactical so it can be intense. 

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