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Printable Nerdy Valentines Day Cards

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Free Printable Nerdy Valentines Day Cards from who other than the geek mom herself, Digital Mom. We have the geeks in your life covered for this Valentine’s Day – enough to make your nerdy heart explode with geeky delight.

Free Printable Nerdy Valentines Day Cards to Make Your Geek Heart Happy!

Who doesn’t love an easy project? These unique V-day cards are super easy. All you have to do is download these printable nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards, print, cut and write a message on the back! Pass these out to your favorite nerds. We printed these on cardstock, but you do you and use whatever you have.

Free Printable Nerdy Valentines Day Cards

Our free downloadable geeky V-day cards feature words perfect for the nerd in your life. By request, you can now pick and choose how you would like to download the cards. They are available on individual sheets or you can print with 1 of each variety. Just click what you want below and shazam – FREE valentines day cards for you. 

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What will you be getting your nerd for Valentine’s Day?


free nerdy valentines day cards


MORE Free Valentine’s Day Card Printables

Check out our other free printables – brought to you by Digital Mom Blog. Need to Valentine’s Day card printables? We got them!

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Have copy suggestions for more nerdy Valentine’s Day cards? Leave them in the comments, we would love to hear them!

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Monday 4th of February 2013

The "Will you be my Player 2?" is perfect for my 10-year old son. He's at that age when giving Valentine's in school is awkward but the class still has a party to exchange Valentine's. Is it possible to get just that image? I need 30 of the Player 2 image and hate to waste paper and ink printing the other 3 just to get the one image (the tree hugger in me coming out :)

Digital Mom Blog

Tuesday 5th of February 2013



Monday 6th of February 2012

This is so funny!