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Schitt Creek Valentine Cards – Free Fabulous Printables Perfect for Galentines

Free Schitt Creek Valentine Cards, the Perfect Galentine Printable!

If you know me, you know my love of tv show Schitt’s Creek. Before I die, I will master Moira Rose’s accent and will delightfully includes words like bebe and peregrination in my vocabulary.

schitts creek valentines day cards free printable

Free Schitt Creek Valentine Cards PDF

So with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I give you free Schitt Creek Valentine Cards featuring Schitt Creek Quotes and loves from the beloved Moira Rose, David Rose, Patrick Brewer and Alexis Rose.

schitts creek cards
Free Schitt’s Creek Printable Cards for Vday

There are 6 different Schitt Creek Valentine cards to choose from. Each are included in our free PDF.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Each Schitt Creek Valentine card is 5 inches x 7 inches
  • The Vday cards will fit perfectly into a A7 envelope
  • For best results, print on cardstock paper
  • After accessing the printable library – the PDF link will be at the bottom
  • Download, print, cut and give!

Just enter your email below and you will be given a link to download this PDF, as well as full access to our printables library!

Schitt’s Creek Vday Cards

So what do the Schitt Creek Vday cards say? You will love these. Each have a Happy Valentine’s message.

schitt's creek vday cards quotes from show

6 Designs to Choose From

There is a blank white area at the bottom of each valentine’s card for you to sign or write your personal message.

Happy Valentine’s Day Bebe – Moira Rose

I would be pleased to RSVP as PENDING – Moira Rose

You Are My Mariah Carey – Patrick Brewer

I love our relationship. I love it when you order me pizza. I love when you use words like inventory! I even love those stupid rubber things you put on your fingers cause you think they flip the pages faster. They don’t flip the pages faster. They don’t flip the pages faster! – David Rose

You make me sound like a feral cat – David Rose

Hide your diamonds, hide your exs.. I’m a little bit Alexis – Alexis Rose

Perfect Galentine’s Day Printable

If you are looking to give away a little Galentine’s Day love, print these off for your favorite gals. Perfect Valentine’s day cards for co-workers.

galentines day cards schitts creek

I hope that you and your Valentine or Galentine enjoys these Schitt Creek Valentine cards! Make sure to Pin these!

schitts creek shirt
Love That Journey for Me – Schitts Creek shirt featuring Alexis available on Amazon

Enjoy all of our free Valentine’s Day content!

Selling Printables on Etsy

If you are selling printables on Etsy and are wanting your customers to be able to edit their own templates, check out our guide to Corjl.

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