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Exciting Earthquake Memes for Hurriquake

Dive into the seismic world of earthquake memes, where humor shakes up the usual doom and gloom of natural disasters.

Natural disasters are no fun. If you’ve been around Digital Mom Blog you know we like to cover all the topics, including the not so fun ones in an effort to help bring some humor in times of crazy. Let’s get shaking as we delve into the world of earthquake memes, where the aftershocks are felt in waves of giggles and the seismic events are measured on the Richter scale of hilarity.

earthquakes meme

Earthquake Memes

ground shakes meme earthquake

Saying a prayer when the ground starts to move. We just shared our hurricane memes, but low and behold here comes another natural disaster.

earth quake meme

Earthquakes are measured on the richter scale. There is constant fear mongering that “a big one is coming.” Here’s a small earthquake meme with a little Praise Jesus for that.

small earthquake meme

When you want to find the best earthquake memes to post on social media after an earthquake. We got you. Don’t miss our rain memes if you’re stuck in the hurricane / tropical storm area.

best earthquake memes

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

funny earthquake meme

Do the Earthquake Meme – make sure you know what to do when you feel ground start shaking!

do the earthquake meme

That feeling you get right before an earthquake.

earthquake feeling meme

That moment you realize why the world is feeling a little wobbly. Shake rattle and roll, but hopefully not roll!

earthquake meme funny

Aftershocks Meme

Imagine you’re playing with a tower of blocks and accidentally knock it over. The big crash is like the main earthquake. But these aftershock memes are for what comes next.

after shocks meme

So after you knock over the tower, some smaller blocks might keep tumbling down every now and then. These little tumbles are like aftershocks.

aftershocks meme

They happen after the big crash, and they’re smaller shakes that follow the main shake of an earthquake. Just like the blocks settling down, the Earth’s crust calms down after a big earthquake, but these aftershocks are its way of readjusting.

tremors meme

Shaking Memes

When the shake be crazy, share the shaking memes.

shaking meme

Shake Alert Meme

A shake alert is a kind of warning that tells you when an earthquake is about to happen. It’s like a signal that gives you a heads-up that the ground might start shaking soon. This can be really helpful because it gives people time to get to a safer place and take cover before the shaking starts.

shake alert meme

Just like how you might get a weather alert on your phone about a storm, a shake alert is like a special message that says, “Hey, get ready, there might be an earthquake coming!” It’s all about giving you a chance to stay safe.

More Funny Earth Quake Memes

More Earthquake memes to keep you entertained. File this under our love memes.

funny meme earthquake
funny meme earthquake

Along a fault line? May the odds be in your favor.

meme earthquake
meme earthquake

Boss be like, you’re still coming to work right? When an earthquake isn’t a good enough excuse for a day off. See our work memes.

earthquake work meme
earthquake work meme

Maybe it wasn’t an earthquake after all.

no earthquake meme

Share the Funny Earthquake Memes

We hope you enjoy this blend of humor and seismic activity with our collection of funny earthquake memes.

were having an earthquake meme

From witty captions to relatable imagery, share the lighter side of tremors with a friend who needs to shake off the seriousness.

earthquake meme

We just ask that you tag us on social media and link back to our hurricane meme post so more people can enjoy the funny among the crazy.

earthquake california meme

Here’s where you can learn more about the August 2024 hurricane and earthquakes that are ravaging California.

Earthquake Source:

Hurricane Source:

Hurriquake Meme

What is a hurriquake meme you ask? This isn’t something that happens all the time, but in 2023, this is what California had experienced!

Imagine this: a hurricane and an earthquake happening at the same time in the same place! That’s what some folks call a “hurriquake.” It’s like Mother Nature saying, “Hold on, I’ve got a surprise combo for you!”

hurriquake meme

Hurricanes are those big, swirling storms that brew over warm seas, while earthquakes are the ground’s way of letting off some steam. They’re like two different parties happening in different neighborhoods.

funny hurriquake meme

With the current hurricane and earthquake situation happening in California, hurriquake memes just felt appropriate. With Hurricane Hillary approaching the west coast for the first time since Sept. 25, 1939, the last thing that Californians are thinking about is the ground shaking.

hurriquake meme funny

Keep sharing the laughs and staying grounded in humor, because sometimes, that’s the best anchor we have.

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