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Who Else Hates Planning Birthday Parties?

I hate planning birthday parties. For real. What once was something that I looked forward to (hello first birthday and smash cake!) Now anytime I birthday is around the corner – I want to hide.

Mom Confession: I Hate Planning Birthday Parties.

Wow, hating birthday parties, really? Now that makes me sound like a chipper mom, right? It’s not the celebrating of my child that I hate, it’s the planning and tedious preparation that chaps my hide. (ps who says chaps my hide?)

hate planning birthday parties

Planning Birthday Parties is Painful

Planning birthday parties use to be fun to me. That lasted about the first 4 years of having kids. I really think I just went TOO overboard and spent way too much money on my first 2 kids their first years. I am a creative freak and I admit to getting WAY too wrapped up in the details, you know like creating chocolate molded sea shells for a beach themed party. Yep, that was the mom – I USE to be. Now, I just sound bitter and angry – ha, I really am not – except when it comes to planning birthday parties!

hate planning birthday parties

You think my pinterest addiction would have me all over creating magical birthdays for my kids. Well I make their birthdays magical, it’s just the blankity blank party that kills me.

The last few birthday parties with the exception of our 9-year old daughter, we’ve kept low-key including family and a few close friends. And even with that, there always seems to be some silly drama with schedules, or who to invite or where it’s at that causes unnecessary stress. All I want to do is celebrate my kid on their special day.

Sad Panda

An unfortunate event is happening in exactly 2 weeks. Our baby Zeke is turning 1. The thought of this makes me a SAD PANDA. I am in complete denial of this baby milestone. And on top of that, I guess I should be planning his first birthday party – you know my favorite thing to do.

sad panda

I guess the first birthday is a special one. I’m going to drink a peach daiquiri and attempt to throw something together. Thankfully the other kids don’t have birthdays until Spring!

Am I the Only One Who Hates Birthday Party Planning?