Who Else Hates Planning Birthday Parties?

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I hate planning birthday parties. For real. What once was something that I looked forward to (hello first birthday and smash cake!) Now anytime I birthday is around the corner – I want to hide.

Mom Confession: I Hate Planning Birthday Parties.

Wow, hating birthday parties, really? Now that makes me sound like a chipper mom, right? It’s not the celebrating of my child that I hate, it’s the planning and tedious preparation that chaps my hide. (ps who says chaps my hide?)

hate planning birthday parties
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Planning Birthday Parties is Painful

Planning birthday parties use to be fun to me. That lasted about the first 4 years of having kids. I really think I just went TOO overboard and spent way too much money on my first 2 kids their first years. I am a creative freak and I admit to getting WAY too wrapped up in the details, you know like creating chocolate molded sea shells for a beach themed party. Yep, that was the mom – I USE to be. Now, I just sound bitter and angry – ha, I really am not – except when it comes to planning birthday parties!

You think my pinterest addiction would have me all over creating magical birthdays for my kids. Well I make their birthdays magical, it’s just the blankity blank party that kills me.

The last few birthday parties with the exception of our 9-year old daughter, we’ve kept low-key including family and a few close friends. And even with that, there always seems to be some silly drama with schedules, or who to invite or where it’s at that causes unnecessary stress. All I want to do is celebrate my kid on their special day.

Sad Panda

sad panda
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An unfortunate event is happening in exactly 2 weeks. Our baby Zeke is turning 1. The thought of this makes me a SAD PANDA. I am in complete denial of this baby milestone. And on top of that, I guess I should be planning his first birthday party – you know my favorite thing to do.

I guess the first birthday is a special one. I’m going to drink a peach daiquiri and attempt to throw something together. Thankfully the other kids don’t have birthdays until Spring!

Am I the Only One Who Hates Birthday Party Planning?


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