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2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid Review


What you need to know about the 2013 Ford CMax Hybrid/

Last week I had the pleasure of cruising around town in a Ford C-MAX Hybrid. We have 2 vehicles in our family, and both are SUVs. Driving around a car was such a great change – I could park ANYWHERE (I usually have to repark at least twice, okay three times and I still never get it right).

2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid Review

Also, gas mileage – OMG, but i’ll get into that in a second. 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid

ford c max hybrid
Ford CMax Hybrid Review

Here’s a sneak peak of the 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid.

ford c max review


This Ford C-Max that I reviewed was a Ford C-MAX SEL (MSRP $28,365).

ford c max sel

The exterior color is candy blue. The interior featured comfy grey leather seats that heated (NICE!). There is plenty of room to get comfortable. My husband who is 6′ 1″ had no problems stretching out in the front passenger seat.

How Many People Does a Ford CMax Seat?

The Ford C-MAX seats 5 people. At one point, I had 2 car seats and a booster seat in the rear seat. No kids complained of being squished — SUCCESS!

ford cmax back seat

How Big is the C-Max Console?

Since I’m a tech mom – one of my favorite features of the Ford C-MAX is the front console. Front console? Yes, the front console. Why? It was extremely deep and featured a cup holder, as well as 2 USB posts, audio jacks and a car power adapter.

ford cmax console

I was able to keep my iPhone 5 in the console without having to fumble with it next to me in a cup holder!

cmax steering wheel controls

The C-MAX featured steering wheel controls so I was able to adjust the radio as I drove.

Ford C-Max Hybrid Technology

The C-MAX is equipped with SYNC® with MyFord Touch®.  This was my first experience playing with MyFord Touch and was impressed with how easy it is to use.  

sync my ford touch

My husband programs IVRs (voice recognition software) so had a good time trying to fool it – keyword trying…. Connecting my iPhone to the bluetooth was extremely easy. I enjoyed listening wirelessly to my iPhone as well as playing around with Sirus radio.

The backup camera displays on the MyFord Touch screen as well as the GPS.

2013 ford cmax

The air controls were perfect for me and my husband allowing each passenger in the front to control his or her temperature. I keep it as hot as possible, while my husband prefers the frigid cold.

heated seats

The heated seats were AMAZING. See the #5? Yes – that’s as hot as it will go and it creates nice toasty buns. My favorite trick was turning my husband’s side to 5 then watching him freak out trying to find the control.

There is also yet another power adapter which if your family is like mine, totally connected — will come in handy!

automatic rear lift gate max c

Another very cool feature about the Ford C-MAX is the automatic lift gate. Sure, you have seen the push the button and the gate lifts automatic lift gates – but this was is way cooler than that. You slide your foot underneath the rear bumper and the gate pops open — my kids refer to this feature as MAGIC! 

As a mom to 4 kids, I rarely ever have my hands free – especially when getting in and out of the car. All cars should come equipped with this nifty feature!

While we are in the back, check out that room! We were joking that Ford should really just put another jump seat in the back of this area, because it totally would fit. I drive a Buick Enclave and really think there is more room in the C-MAX than the SUV.

Now, what you have really been wanting to hear about — I mean, this car is a hybrid and all – let’s talk about the Ford C-MAX gas mileage.

Ford CMAX Hybrid Gas Mileage

What does the Ford CMax hybrid gas mileage look like?

hybrid mpg

The Ford C-MAX hybrid gets 47 MPG! Yes, 47 MPG people. As SUV owners, we were drooling – and the numbers are no flub. We drove several hundred miles and nope – we did not have to even think about gas.

ford review

A few things to know about the C-MAX

  • C-MAX Hybrid expected to achieve better fuel economy than Toyota Prius v 
  • C-MAX hybrids introduce next generation of Ford’s acclaimed powersplit technology, allowing operation in electric mode at higher speeds than any other hybrid
  • C-MAX features 7 air bags!
  • C-MAX features MY Key:The next-generation MyKey features now allow parents to choose from multiple top speed limits
    and blocking of explicit satellite radio programming. MyKey also provides a persistent audible
    warning if front occupants are not wearing seat belts.

Learn more about the Ford C-MAx

A special thanks to #FordTX for the review opportunity! We enjoyed cruising around town in a hybrid. 

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