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Hair Styles for When Growing Out Bangs

Growing Out Bangs!

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to grow out bangs! Growing your bangs out seems to take longer than getting pregnant, growing and then delivering a baby.

hairstyles for growing out your bangs

I have avoided bangs for years since I have nightmares thinking about what seemed like years of not knowing how to do with my hair as my bangs grew out. SO frustrating!

Growing Out Bangs Hairstyles

Did you cut bangs and having bang regrets? Been there, done that. If you are bangs that are growing, and you have no idea how to do your hair, we can help. Here is a hair video tutorial to show you growing out bang hairstyles and how to do them. Check out this fabulous bangs hair tutorial.

AskSash88 gives us the low down on numerous styles to try with and without hair accessories to make your hair look fabulous when growing out bangs.

Fake Bangs – Get Bangs without Cutting Your Hair

fake bangsLeave it to Jessica Simpson and her stylist Ken Paves to come out with a line of Fangs – Fauxngs – FAKE BANGS. (Whatever you want to call it)

For around $15 you can save yourself the grief of dealing with bangs by buying a set of fake ones. These things are pretty realistic. You can even steam roll or curl!

Ken Paves Clip-In Bang Hair Extension 1 piece – Available in Assorted Colors

Begin your summer with a new hairstyle and fashion statement! The Limited Edition Clip In Bangs inspired by Jessica Simpson and created by Hollywood’s hottest stylist Ken Paves will give you a whole new look at a new low price. Now you can have super chic blunt bangs without the commitment of cutting your own hair. This fabulous synthetic bang looks real, feels real and stays put! Just clip in and go.

In addition to using as a clip on bang, it is perfect for those who have fine, thin hair on the crown of the head. This wig is made from the new Tru2Life Heat-Friendly synthetic hair. It feels like real, healthy hair and can be styled using thermal tools on medium settings (up to 180?C and 350?F). Curling has never been so easy. When curling the Tru2Life synthetic hair, simply slide the curled fiber off the iron and pin the warm curl with a clip until the fiber cools and curl sets. Steam rollers and/or wet setting can also be used.

 Have Your Fought Growing Out Bangs? Have You Tried Fake Bangs? DO TELL!

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