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How Online Grocery Shopping Saved My Sanity and Saved Me Money

Online grocery shopping is the real deal people. Grocery shopping with kids? Just stab me now. I love my kids, cooking and shopping – but not my kids while grocery shopping, nope. never. nuh-uh.

The little rascals knock down displays, run over my toes with the grocery basket and I always end up spending way more money than I intended because of items I buy to shut them up.

I am a mom to 4 kids – yes, a family of 6. Grocery shopping is a REQUIREMENT. I have to have quick breakfast options, groceries for kids’ lunches, dinner for at least 4 nights, lunches for the weekend, food for one big breakfast, snacks, dog food and treats and of course household goods.

The whole grocery shopping process use to take me around 3 hours, from leaving the house to returning and unloading. That was until 2 weeks ago when my life was changed.

Click to Pick – Order Groceries Online and Pick Up Curbside

online grocery shopping at kroger

Many years ago, after my first child – we used the Peapod service every week until it died. Peapod delivered groceries to my house for a minimal fee. It was super and I seriously cried when it went under. Fast forward 12 years, grocery stores are jumping on board with ordering online and grocery shopping is being simplified once again and I LOVE IT.

There are several grocery stores jumping on board with this. I personally will speak in regards to Kroger. Kroger is my go to for grocery stores, as it’s right down the street, great prices and now that they offer this service, they have my business forever.

How Online Grocery Shopping Works

Using your Kroger card  – setup a login at Login and get this, Kroger shows you the groceries you shop for most. Even better – Kroger knows what your grocery buying history is – so shows you items that you typically buy that are on-sale. The first week I used online grocery shopping, I was able to load up my online cart in under 15 minutes and my grocery bill total was $50 less than I typically spend!

Online Grocery Shopping at Kroger Review

A few weeks ago, I had several cortisone shots and an epidural for a herniated disc/pinched nerve. I can’t lift heavy items, bending and lifting – nope, not an option. I love my husband, but anytime I send him to the store, our grocery bill doubles. He tends to stray from the list. I am NOT complaining, just saying – with online grocery shopping – I am guaranteed not to have 5 extra boxes of Lucky Charms and a candy for each of my 4 kids.

The only caveat to online grocery shopping is you have to schedule your pick-up time. Typically this is the next day. For Type-B’s like me, I am so bad at scheduling – BUT if this means I spend 15 minutes grocery shopping rather than drudging around all day with screaming children at a grocery store – I have remembered to order my groceries, no problem.

Picking Up Groceries

So now it’s time to pick-up your groceries. At Kroger, find the parking spots with signs for Click and Pick-Up. You park, call the number on the sign and your grocery order is brought out and put into your car by an attendant. It’s quick and easy. The attendant quickly goes thru your total, and if you allow substitutes, shows you what was substituted. You then pay the attendant for your groceries. EASY PEASY.

picking up online grocery shopping order

I live 5 minutes from the grocery store, pick-up took me 5 minutes and then home in 5 minutes. That was it. The hardest part was getting all the kids outside to bring in the groceries (that took way more than the 15 minutes to go get, pick-up and drive home. Imagine that.)

The second week I used online grocery shopping with Kroger, I googled recipes on Pinterest, found what I wanted – put them in my cart – all in about 15 minutes.

I did spend more the second week, but I also did a lot of stocking up on miscellaneous household items like big rolls of toilet paper, and disposable cups, spoons and plate. This time, I saved even more time. I sent my husband to the store to do pick-up.

Online grocery shopping has saved me a huge chunk of the weekend. With 4 kids, 3 in soccer, 1 in color guard and church activities – our weekends are full enough. My husband and I both work. Anything we can do to save us time (and money,) we will try. This find has been a HUGE win for us.

Kroger Grocery Delivery

I offhandedly asked to the guy loading my car “when does home delivery start?” He said, “well, that’s the plan if this works out!” In which I my heart burst with happiness, because what is better than picking up your groceries that you just ordered online? Having them delivered of course.

Grocery Stores With Online Shopping

Grocery delivery is happening in some markets. Here’s a list of store we know of that are offering grocery curb service or grocery delivery.

  • AMAZON – available in some areas, AMAZON Pantry is available in most areas
  • Kroger – this is where we typically shop.
  • Walmart – offers a drive-thru service.
  • HEB – unfortunately HEB has just a few north Texas locations.
  • Tom Thumb – grocery delivery (haven’t tested, YET!)
  • Shipt – online grocery delivery
  • Harris Teeter

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