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17 Funny Hamilton Memes: Where History Meets Hilarity

Sharing our all-time favorite musical with these Hamilton memes!

So, we all know and love the musical for its catchy tunes and revolutionary storytelling. But have you seen the memes? They’re like the show’s quirky alter ego, taking historical accuracy and giving it a hilarious twist.

Best Hamilton Memes

From Thomas Jefferson’s sassy moments to Alexander Hamilton’s ambition, these memes take the characters we adore and turn them into internet gold.

hamilton memes

And these aren’t just any memes, these are clean Hamilton memes so family friendly and after watching the musical on Disney + you can send to your kids.

From King George to Alexander Hamilton, here are the best Hamilton memes for your theater loving, Hamilton singing, Lin Manuel Miranda admiring fam and friends. We know you have that Hamilton soundtrack on repeat, no judgement here.

singing hamilton meme

The haters are just hating because they haven’t seen Hamilton yet or because they didn’t get Hamilton tickets. So When they tell you to shut up about it, I suggest singing them a song. Or maybe creating them a Spotify playlist with all of the Hamilton songs because you are that kind of extra when it comes to being a committed friend.

funny hamilton meme - when your friends tell you to shut up about Hamilton

If Aaron Burr wrote a Little Golden Book about Alexander Hamilton, it would be titled “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.”

alexander hamilton meme golden book
Alexander Hamilton Meme – if Aaron Burr wrote a children’s book

Think about it: “I am not throwing away my shot” might just be about grabbing the last slice of pizza or making bold life decisions. The memes take these iconic lines and make them relatable in the funniest ways possible.

King George Memes

What would Hamilton memes be without beloved King George memes. King George was a scene-stealer in the broadway hit – so of course, it is only right to meme him.

disney plus hamilton meme

Wondering what happened to King George after the events in Hamilton? Read Screenrant’s What Happened to King George After the Musical to get the full scoop.

hamilton cat meme aaron burr

Can we talk about King George spitting? This King George meme comparing him to Gaston is just too much.

king george spit meme hamilton

Birthday Hamilton Memes

For the friend or family member who loves them some King George, Aaron Burr or theatre, these birthday Hamilton memes are perfect for sharing on social to celebrate their birthdays in a royal style.

hamilton birthday meme king george

Don’t miss our entire collection of Birthday memes, featuring bday memes for all walks of life.

happy birthday hamilton meme aaron burr

Lin Manuel Miranda Memes

All hail Lin Manuel Miranda. Without Lin, there would be no Hamilton musical. The tale of Alexander Hamilton would have been learned in boring ways, if this musical wasn’t in existence.

lin manual miranda on a panda meme
Lin Manuel Miranda on a Panda meme (don’t miss our 2021 christmas memes!)

In honor of his greatness, Lin Manuel Miranda memes for the taking. This one is for any parents who have had their kid bring a recorder home from school. See more parenting memes.

lin manuel miranda recorder meme hamilton

Pick a mood, any mood. What mood are you?

lin manuel miranda mood meme

Can you imagine if Waze had King George as the Waze voice? BTW I love having Boy George as my Waze voice, but this Hamilton meme did make me laugh and imagine what if….

hamilton waze meme
waze meme hamilton

When you are watching Toy Story 3 and the emotions start flooding. Lin-Manuel is human, and a parent. (check out our toddler memes)

lin manuel miranda hamilton parenting meme

Make sure to follow Lin-Manuel on Twitter!

Best Hamilton Quotes

While there is so much amazing to be said about the musical, these one-liners just are everything. Here are the best Hamilton quotes that hit hard.

And there’s a million things I haven’t done but just wait just you wait.

a million things i havent done hamilton quote meme
best hamilton quote meme – just you wait

Next up on our pick of best Hamilton quotes, who could forget this one. I am not throwing away my shot! In the age that we live in, this could have a double meaning.

i am not throwing away my shot hamilton quote meme
hamilton quote – I am not throwing away my shot!

Look around look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now. And while this is a Hamilton quote, this is another that just speaks so much truths and hits hard in regards to just how relatable it is.

look around hamilton quote meme
hamilton meme – look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now

More Hamilton Musical Memes

And a few more Hamilton musical memes…. This one. You guys. Top rappers? George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. *dead*

hamilton rappers meme
hamilton rappers meme

When the teacher doesn’t let you debate your grade. “Don’t modulate the key and not debate with me.”

lin manuel miranda teacher meme
hamilton teachers meme – don’t miss our teacher memes

Share the Hamilton Memes

We hope you enjoyed these Hamilton memes about the beloved musical. We are on the mindset that memes are best when shared. Please feel free to share the fun with your favorite theater lover / Hamilton fan. We just ask that you tag us on social or link back to this post.

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