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The Kissenger – Now You Can Make Out With Your Phone

You guys, sometimes I just can’t with technology and the internet and the Kissenger is just one of those things – I just can’t with. The Kissenger is an attachment that fits onto your smartphone and has a plastic that that you can lock lips with. The device takes your kiss and transmits it to a paired holster with an identical pad, so you are virtually kissing. 

Kissenger Virtual Kissing

The Kissenger - virtual kissing with a smart phone
image source: Imagineer Lab

The Kissenger was created by Imagineering Lab in City University London. It allows you to express intimacy and affection thru technology. 

The device has pressure sensors and actuators that record and transmit your kiss to the receiving device thru an app – which also features video calling. Could this be an add-on to Tinder? Can you imagine testing out various kisses to determine if someone is worthy of a swipe right?  Sorry folks, the pad doesn’t simulate a tongue so no virtual french kissing allowed (for now.)

Kissenger virtual kiss sensors
image source:

The Kissenger’s next feature will be smell. And then maybe they will add the ability to virtually french kiss. What about bad breath? Tongue rings? Braces? Okay, I’ll stop. 

Maybe it’s because my husband doesn’t travel for work. We have never been apart for more than a week. I don’t know, even then – I am pretty sure this wouldn’t be the same for me, because hello it’s not real. I guess some people are into that and I’m not judging –  just for me, it’s a total NO. 

I have a feeling this is just the tip of a very slippery slope when it comes to connected products that express intimacy and affection. There are real dolls, and the robot at CES are life-like. 

Sex with robots is here, so surely this shouldn’t surprise me. It’s just a matter of time before the robots take over. 

I have been out of the dating game (thank GOD) for a very long time, this will all be inner connected, just wait! Hooking up is about to totally change. I guess there will be a lot less STDs, pregnancies and I don’t know – normal human interaction. My husband always jokes about singularity and how it will be here before we know it. I think it’s already started to arrive. 

Could this be an add-on to Tinder? Can you imagine testing out various kisses to determine if someone is worthy of a swipe right?  Sorry folks, the pad doesn’t simulate a tongue so no virtual french kissing allowed (for now.)

Desktop Version

The desktop version of a Kissenger has been around for a few years. Looks like it hasn’t totally caught on yet. Who knows, maybe this is the next big thing. 

Trying to Think of a Positive to Virtual Kissing

I hate to totally nay-say this technology. I am sure some people get total satisfaction out of this and I tried to think of when this would be something I would actually use. Two things came to mind. 

1. Kiss Goodnight

Just thinking about this, when my husband is still on the computer late at night, instead of walking and kissing him goodnight – I can just plug in my Kissenger and kiss his virtually.  

2. Keeping a Kiss Forever

God forbid I was to ever lose my husband, it would be a sweet (but awkward) thing to be able to still have his kiss. Though it would be virtual, I could totally see this being a thing. Similar but different – last week I saw this sweet story of a girl who received a Build-a-Bear with her deceased Grandpa’s voice. 

So as weird as it would be to kiss a smart device, if it meant it was the only kiss I could ever get from my husband again – I get that. But that’s not even a feature yet. 

They Lost Me Here

No idea.

The creators also add that the device extends beyond a purely sexual function. “Parents can also use Kissenger to give their children a kiss on the cheek when they are away at work,” say its creators.

Yeah, about that. I love my kids dearly and am a strong believer in making sure they receive unconditional love – but I think hugging is more my thing – in person. 

h/t Imagineer Lab

And suddenly being a parent having to explain even more things in regards to sex becomes even more difficult. 

What Do You Think of Virtual Kissing?

Thoughts on virtual kissing and sex robots?


Tuesday 10th of January 2017

I don't know. I just really ... don't ... know....


Thursday 29th of December 2016

I remember a Big Bang Theory episode a few years back with a kissing machine. Nope, not interested. Old-fashioned is best.

digital mom blog

Thursday 29th of December 2016

I'm going to find this episode. LOVE Me some Big Bang Theory! Agree.