How to Get Rid of Cradle Cap


Looking for the best way to get rid of cradle cap? This was not on my list of to do’s to blog about until my daughter had a freak out moment while holding our baby, Zeke. She thought something was seriously wrong with him when noticing the yellow scales on his head.

Our 5-month-old has cradle cap. It’s perfectly normal and absolutely disgusting. I would say his case of cradle cap is pretty severe as it’s even in his eyebrows. 

What is Cradle Cap

Before you freak out when these weird yellowish patches show up on your child, let’s talk about cradle cap, what it is and why you shouldn’t freak out. Doctors call it infantile seborrheic dermatitis, it’s very common, it isn’t cute but it is totally harmless.

Cradle cap usually shows up in the first few months of life and can clean up on its own in about six to 12 months. (Though some babies do have it for longer.) 

You may notice it not just on your baby’s head. It can show up around your baby’s ears or eyebrows, on his eyelids, or even in his armpits and other creases.

What Causes Cradle Cap?

The cause is unknown. But we do know that cradle cap is not caused by poor hygiene or allergies. Cradle cap isn’t contagious. And it probably doesn’t bother your baby at all (but I remember how much it bothered me!  If it gets severe, it might itch. 

Get rid of Cradle Cap

Okay digital moms, if you are a new mom wanting to know – what is cradle cap? Here is what I am going to how you to treat cradle cap. Just know this is perfectly normal. It’s not harmful to your baby, it’s just well UGLY.

You Can Get Rid of Cradle Cap

Here is a video showing you exactly how to get rid of baby cradle cap and get rid of it for good (or at least a few weeks).

Here is our How to Treat Cradle Cap video for a visual guide on removing the crust from baby’s head and hair.

Supplies for Cradle Cap Removal

Here is what you will need to get rid of Cradle cap.

Treating Cradle Cap

Here’s step-by-step instructions on how to treat cradle cap.

  • Use the washcloth and baby oil to saturate baby’s head (not too much, just enough to thoroughly cover – watch out for the eyes).
  • Leave the baby oil on baby’s scalp for 10-15 minutes.
  • Use the toothbrush to gently scrub the scalp and brush out the flakes and scales.
  • THROW away the toothbrush (nasty, gross and yuck)
  • Wet a washcloth with warm water and place on your baby’s head for a few minutes.
  • Use the washcloth to rub off the baby oil.

Typically after a few weeks of treatments, cradle cap will subside. If left untreated, cradle cap typically disappears by the age of 1.

Update: We did one good treatment, as seen in the video – and about 90% of the cradle cap went away!

Did your baby have cradle cap? How did you treat it?

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