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5 Things I Love About the Ford Fiesta

ford fiesta review

A few weeks ago, our friend’s at Ford dropped off a Ford Fiesta for me to drive for the week. It was bright blue and was the perfect companion as the week had me running errands non-stop preparing for a road trip.

The Fiesta had a lot to offer, especially for it’s budget price. If you are in the market for a family vehicle, here are some of the things that I loved about the Ford Fiesta:

1. Sized Just Right


I had never driven a Ford Fiesta before. Both my husband and I both drive SUVs, so the car was a change to the normal feeling I have of riding above everyone else. In the Fiesta it’s like I fit in with other cars on the road.

2. Seats 5 Comfortably

While our family has 6 people, this was a great car for us that would work well during the week. We really only need 1 family vehicle. My daughter is tall and old enough to ride in the front seat. The car was able to fit my 3 boys in their car seats in the back.

3. Storage


The real question for this mom, is how much can the Ford Fiesta haul? We were preparing for a road trip, so decided to do a luggage test.

The results: 2 pieces of large luggage with room for small bags. That works for me! For our weekend get-aways, this is the perfect amount of room for our luggage. I also went grocery shopping in the Ford Fiesta and it passed the test and held all of our groceries just fine.

4. Great Gas Mileage


With the SUVs we get anywhere from 12 mpg to 18 mpg – with the Ford Fiesta – 40 mpg! That is HUGE! If you are on the road a lot, this car can save you big in gas and is much more affordable than a hybrid.

5. Priced Perfectly

Speaking of price, did you know the base model Ford Fiesta starts at $13,475?

Family Vehicle of the Year


parentsmagazineThe Ford Fiesta has been named to the 2014 Parents & 10 Best Family Cars list. Families demand a lot from their vehicle and the experts from Parents and chose this year’s top ten based on safety, convenience features, and high-tech performance features at all price levels. The Ford Fiesta is one of two cars named in the Budget category. The top ten cars will be published in the July 2014 issue of Parents magazine and online at

Overview of the Ford Fiesta

2014 Fiesta lineup is led by the 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine

· Delivers more than 40 mpg

· 123 horsepower, so it doesn’t hold back anything on the road despite the fuel economy

· The engine is so small, it can fit in a suitcase!

· Fuel-efficient and fun. Engine was selected Popular Mechanics breakthrough award winner

· EcoBoost engine increases fuel economy by 20% and reduces emissions

Thanks Ford for a great week !

ford fiesta family car review

Debra @A Frugal Friend

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014

That is so impressive that you could fit all 3 boys and carseats in the back! So much room!

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