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Funny Easter Memes – 25+ Best Images for this Holy Holiday

Funny Easter Memes and Images – the best funnies for this holy holiday.

This year, Easter is on Sunday, April 17, 2022. Yes, it does feel like Easter is late but since it is always on the first Sunday after the first full moon that follows the spring equinox. The first full moon of spring is April 16.

Best Easter Memes for 2022

That’s a lot to process though and let’s face it – you are just here for the funny Easter memes! Coming off of Lent memes, let’s share the funny from eggs to Jesus to the bunny – here they are for you to share.

easter memes funny 2022
easter memes funny 2022

Let’s start with the reason for the season.

jesus happy easter meme
jesus is back meme

Easter Bunny Memes

First, let’s talk about the Easter Bunny. Santa always creeps me out – the whole watching children and kissing your wife thing.

funny easter bunny meme
easter bunny meme

But you know, a grown adult in a RABBIT outfit – no, not a bit creepy. Speaking of creepy, have you seen our post on Creepy Easter Bunny Pictures

Okay, creepy Easter bunny – let go of the child. The Easter bunny photo is not the serious.

bad easter bunny
easter bunny meme

He became the Easter bunny – laying turds on eggs. 

dog bunny easter meme
dog easter bunny meme

Church Easter Memes

Church memes, because the crowds come on Easter Sunday! Parking at church on Easter, be like. 

church easter service meme

CEOs – go to church on Christmas and Easter only? Those church people are calling you CEOs!

ceo meme church easter only - christmas and easter only family members at church
church on christmas and easter only

Lent, complete! Mission accomplished.

lent completed easter meme
lent complete meme

Resurrection Memes

Every year, I post this Easter resurrection meme and it’s like I can just hear Jesus saying this.

easter resurrection meme jesus
jesus resurrection meme easter

This is a relatable way to convey the 3 day resurrection of Jesus Christ to your kids. Also, these Jesus memes help too.

Jesus Easter Meme He Has Risen
when the dude you buried on friday shows up alive on sunday

Easter Egg Memes

Oh the great Easter egg hunt – so many laughable moments! And if you are making Easter eggs, don’t miss our hack on how to bake eggs.

Isn’t this the truth? FACT: Easter egg hunts are proof that kids can find things when they want to.

FACT: Easter egg hunts are proof that kids can find things when they want to. - Funny Easter Memes
easter egg meme

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How to Throw an Adult Easter Egg Hunt

You guys, this is brilliant. Thrown an adult Easter egg hunt by filling Easter eggs with mini alcohol bottles, chocolate and cash.

adult easter egg hunt
adult easter egg hunt

Want an even better idea to one up your adult Easter egg hunt? Do it in the dark!

Glow in the Dark Eggs and Alcohol

That’s right, get glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs filled with alcohol minis and send the adults out at night with flash lights to find the eggs. Sounds like a party to me!

easter egg hunt meme
easter egg hunt meme

Okay, not hiding eggs and telling kids to find the Easter eggs would be a hilariously cruel joke. If you do this, you better expect to pay BIG TIME in candy.

There are no more Easter EGGS and Easter candy. I feel you dude. 

wrestling easter memes - there are no more easter eggs and easter candy
easter candy meme

Not sure if it’s an Easter Egg Hunt or the Hunger Games. These kids can be VICIOUS. 

easter egg hunt meme - not sure if its an easter egg hunt or the hunger games
easter egg hunt meme funny

The not-so-hidden Easter egg.

easter meme egg hunt meme - i swet its like you guys want to be found
funny easter eggs meme

Peeps Memes

You know those gross sugary cheap Easter candy that only 1% of the population actually eat. Of course there are Peep memes! Then there is this peep show meme. I mean, come on at the ridiculousness (but tell me you didn’t laugh – I sure did!)

peep show meme
peep show meme

Ever wondered how to eat peeps? Yeah, just don’t. They are terrible. Worse Easter candy EVER. Stick with the hollow chocolate bunny rabbits.

how to eat peeps meme
how to eat peeps meme

If you ever wanted to dress up like a Peep – let’s just not.

funny peeps meme - what the people that like peeps look like
peeps meme

Happy Easter to all my peeps! Do people actually eat peeps or do they just microwave them? 

happy easter images peeps meme
happy easter peeps meme

Happy Easter Images

Maybe you are just a nice person who wants cute Happy Easter Images to share. Well, here you go.

Happy Easter every bunny!

happy easter bunny images
happy easter image

For all of my dog people friends, Happy Easter meme says hope your day isn’t ruff.

dog happy easter meme
dog happy easter meme

I mean seriously, this English Bulldog in bunny ears? dead.

Happy Easter meme

And this happy easter meme with a lab, precious.

happy easter meme funny dog
happy easter meme funny dog

Easter Trump Memes

It wouldn’t be a funny meme list if a funny Trump Easter meme wasn’t thrown in, right? Melania’s new outfit that is causing all kinds of controversy. 

This reads like the bunny is the first lady and I can't stop laughing - Donald Trump and Easter Bunny at White House Easter Egg Hunt - easter meme trump
trump easter meme funny – source: @ohnoshetwitnt

One of these cartoon character who misrepresents reality… the other is the Easter bunny.

One of these cartoon character who misrepresents reality... the other is the Easter bunny. - Donald trump easter bunny meme

Happy Easter – I have the best eggs!

Happy Easter - I have the best Eggs - Donald Trump Meme
trump happy easter meme

I wish everyone, including haters and losers a very Happy Easter.

trump easter meme
donald trump meme easter

Religious Easter Memes

It is the holy holiday, so here are religious Easter memes.

religious easter meme - dont touch my easter eggs ill be back on monday
religious easter meme

While I am sure this was well intended Easter cookie, but yeah. I really don’t care to have Jesus’ nailed hands made as Easter cookies. Just saying, these nail hand cookies are gross.

easter jesus cookies nail in hand cookies - easter cookies nailed it
Jesus hands easter cookies meme

The devil’s reaction on the third day. Kristen Wigg makes the best meme faces!

Devil Meme about Easter
devil meme

Brace yourself, for a full church pew and that church parking lot. The people you haven’t seen at church since Christmas will be there on Easter Sunday morning.

brace yourself easter meme church
religious easter meme

More Funny Easter Memes

Here are even more funny Easter memes. These Easter bunnies made out of dust bunnies are about the only Easter decorations that I could think about putting up in my house. 

dust bunnies easter meme
dust bunnies meme

Happy Easter! Everyone celebrates Easter differently. Some believe in Jesus, others believe in Easter ham. To each their own, but Happy Easter!

athiest easter meme - to all my athiest friends who still reply happy easter when someone says it to them
athiest easter meme

I think she is wanting fertilized eggs, not Easter eggs.

easter meme eggs - my eggs are waiting
happy easter eggs meme

This is a classic Easter meme that I laugh at every year. My butt hurts… What? 

butt hurt easter bunny
my butt hurts chocolate easter bunny meme

Teen Easter Basket Ideas

Need a teen Easter basket idea? These are perfect.

make a giant easter basket made from a kiddie pool filled with summer toys for Easter morning
family easter basket

When your kids expect an Easter basket but they are too old? HAHAHA – I don’t think anyone is too old to get a basket full of cleaning supplies. I think my teens would scream, maybe I should try it. 

When your kids expect an Easter basket but they are too old? - teen easter basket idea
teen easter basket idea

That’s all we got! We hope you enjoyed these memes about Easter. Share them! Memes are meant for sharing. We just ask that you tag us on social and link back to this post.

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