25 Funny Egg Memes About Egg Prices That Will Crack You UP!

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The only thing funny about the cost of eggs are these hilarious egg price memes.

Anyone who grocery shops and buys eggs on the regular will tell you the insanity right now of egg prices. That dozen of eggs that cost a dollar last year, will now set you back $5. It’s painful.

Funny Egg Price Memes

Rather than dwell in the pity of middle class poverty, let’s enjoy a moment of laughter with these funny egg price memes.

the funniest memes about egg prices
egg memes 2024

They are guaranteed to crack you up, not really but you know I couldn’t not slip in a silly egg pun.

buying eggs in 2024
buying eggs meme 2024

So, let’s start with the obvious question that all of us egg consumers want to know. Why are eggs so expensive?

why are eggs so expensive? inflation bird flu corporate greed
expensive eggs meme

With low supply, some retailers have increased egg prices up to 60%. I know for a fact last year, we could buy a dozen eggs for under $1.50. Soon that may just be the price of 1 egg.

2024 Egg Price Meme

We just celebrated New Year’s and on my 2024 BINGO card, I did not have egg prices or gas stoves becoming illegal were not included.

my 2024 bingo card didn't include eggs and gas stoves
2024 eggs gas stove meme

Welcome to 2024, where the price of a dozen eggs will cost you more than a gallon of gas.

welcome to 2024 where the price of eggs will cost you more than a gallon of gas.
2024 egg prices meme

How high are eggs prices in 2024? Snoop Dogg high.

egg prices in 2024
high egg prices meme

Cheap Eggs Meme

Make eggs cheap again! Whatever is causing these insane egg prices, just stop. Though, I have seen in numerous places (but please don’t see them out because I need a dozen) – Trader Joe’s has reasonable price eggs.

make eggs cheap again
cheap eggs meme

Why Are Eggs So Expensive?

If you have been asking why eggs are so expensive but like me, but keep getting 50 different answers? These egg memes are for you.

yeah if someone could fix the bird flu or whatever is making egg prices crazy that would be great
bird flu meme

Let’s travel back to 2021 where the year was crazy, but at least eggs were around a dollar a dozen.

chicken farmers in 2024 vs chicken farmers in 2021
chicken farmers meme

Nobody has money for $5 dozen eggs!

$5 for a dozen eggs, ain't nobody got money for that
dozen eggs meme

Expensive Egg Meme

A dozen eggs is not longer a staple for the poor. We talked about this in the inflation memes, but like woah. Can we just please slow the rate or price increases?

headin out to buy a dozen eggs
egg prices meme

Trying to include eggs in your grocery list, make sure to budget at least $5. If you have a large family like our’s, prepare to take pay up.

including eggs in the grocery budget - may the odds be in your favor
eggs groceries meme

Chicken Egg Memes

To all the chicken people, bless you. You are all our new BFFs. Please be so kind to share that bounty of eggs your beautiful chickens have produced.

and just like that everyone now wants to be friends with the crazy chicken lady
chicken lady meme

You can now laugh at your friends who laughed at your about your flock with these funny chicken egg price memes.

when my friends who laughed at my chickens complain about egg prices
chicken eggs meme

Easter Egg Memes

While we have a huge collection of Easter memes, this year’s have to include this hot topic. Let’s talk about this Easter egg meme. I mean, seriously real eggs are out this year for Easter, right?

yeah i think it's safe to just go ahead and cancel this year's easter egg hunt
easter eggs meme 2024

This middle class income doesn’t have money to spend on eggs that are just for dyeing and not eating.

sorry kids, our middle class salary doesn't allow us to afford such luxuries as using eggs to simply dye and not eat.
easter eggs meme

What if, just hear me out on this one. Instead of Easter eggs we paint Easter potatoes. Who is in? Easter potatoes for 2024!

dyeing eggs is so 2022. in 2024, we paint Easter potatoes
easter potatoes meme

Cooking with Eggs

These funny egg recipe memes are what we budget conscious people think every time we make something with eggs.

add 6 eggs to flour and mix - me: i'm never going to financially recover from this
egg recipe meme

Every time I see a recipe that includes eggs as an ingredient.

everytime i see a recipe that i want to make and
recipe with eggs meme

Show your loved one how much you love them by making them an expensive egg breakfast this Valentine’s Day.

show her how much you love her by making her an expensive valentine's day breakfast
funny egg meme

Don’t miss our Valentine memes for February 14th.

Selling Eggs Meme

Dealing eggs in 2024 to make that dough (so that you can make that dough.)

egg dealer in 2-23
egg dealer meme

Sell a dozen eggs and you can buy a Tesla. Well, not really but close.

sell these eggs and you can buy a tesla
funny egg price meme

Egg Shortage Meme

The crazy bird flu is suppose to be the cause of the egg shortage which is resulting in the crazy prices. Watch out for the clown in this egg shortage meme.

i have eggs down here
i have eggs meme

More Funny Egg Price Memes

Impress her with something expensive.

impress her with something expensive
marriage proposal egg meme

Who needs diamonds, when you could have an egg.

he went to kroger
egg proposal meme

I won’t tell any one if I win the lottery, but there will be signs. See our Mega Millions memes if you are playing!

i won't tell anyone if i win the mega millions jackpot but there will be signs
mega millions egg meme

Me, before hitting “add to cart” on the 18 pack of eggs.

every time i look at the price of eggs - help me i'm poor
price of eggs meme

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selling eggs house hunters meme
selling eggs meme

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