Cool Toys for Boys – Awesome Boy Gift Ideas for Ages 6-15

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Cool toys for boys because hello, Christmas is right around the corner!

You guys, I don’t know what happened but I use to be THAT person. We all know that person. The one that does happy dances when Hobby Lobby setup the Christmas displays in June. Or when Labor Day passes, they put up the Christmas tree. Yes, for MANY years – that was me. I think the kids have wore me out on the decorating.

While I may not be decorating for Christmas early – something I DO is always Christmas shopping. I like to start early, so I’m not freaking out at the last minute. The last minute rush is always my wrapping procrastination, but meh – that ain’t gonna change. 

Boys for Toys

As many of you know, I have 4 kids – 3 of which are BOYS. Our boys range in age from 8 – 14-years-old. If you are looking for boy gifts ideas for ages 6-15 – this gift guide is for you!

cool toys for boys - boys gift guide 2019

We have rounding up cool toys for boys both found and sent to us for review from our friends at Zing. Zing Toys 2019 line of products definitely fall under the cool toys for boys category so I am excited to share.

I hope that this gives you boy gift ideas, because Lord knows – parents have to do enough thinking and finding gifts – ugh, let’s take that task off you plate. 

Cool Toys for Boys

We are sharing our favorite 2019 gifts for boys! These cool toys for boys are for ages 6 - 14-years old. Featuring an array of boy toys from board games, action games to outside play!

First on our cool toys for boys list, is the HyperStrike bow and arrow set. This is perfect for one-on-one or team-based fun. It is designed with low profile bungee cords, these bows can launch arrows up to 250 feet! Simply hook the soft foam Zonic Whistle Arrow into the fast-load bungee loops, pull back, aim, and release! 

Thankful we have some acreage, I can forsee the whole neighborhood getting in on a game with the Hyperstrike Bow - so you may want to purchase at least 2. 

HyperStrike bows are available in two color patterns, camouflage and carbon fiber, and a protective face mask can be purchased separately. 

For ages 14+. 

Also available at Target and Walmart

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We all know that axe throwing is the new bowling. Now you can bring axe throw at home with this fun and safe toy called the Zax. This is another toy brought to you by Zing. 

Compete with friends to see who can stick the Zax onto any flat surface like a wall or window. The Zax brings axe throwing at home to reality. Featuring soft foam, Zax is made for indoor and outdoor fun. 

For ages 4+

Also available at Target and Walmart

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Have you played Settlers of Catan? This has been a long-time favorite family board game that my husband, his family and the older kids have played during family get togethers. 

While our older kids love it, our younger boys were always bummed because they weren’t old enough to play. Thankfully now there is a Settler of Catan for kids, appropriately called Catan for Kids!

Ages 6+

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KlikBots are collectible figures with multiple points of articulation - making them ideal for stop-motion animation! Each features interchangeable pieces and kids can combine the figures or take them apart and create new figures. 

Klikbots work with the FREE KlikBot app that allows kids to easily create stop motion movies! 

Ages 6+

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Our boys LOVE magformers. Check out our Magformer review and see why this made our cool toys for boys list.

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The new King of the Ring game is from YULU and features sumo-wrestlers! The game challenges players to launch their characters up into the ring. The goal being to try to get a sumo-wrestler to rest in the middle of hte ring, which activates a count-down timer. 

Once one figure is resting in the middle of the ring, the other players rush to knock it down with their figures. The winning player is the one whose sumo figure is resting in the middle of the ring when time runs out. 

Each King of the Ring game comes with 4 sumo-wrestler characters and a sumo-wresting ring.

Ages 6+

Available only at Target

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If you have a kid that loves to pop bubble wrap - this is the boy for them. Pop Pops Pets and Pop Pops Snotz combines addictive bubble wrap popping, the satisfaction of oozy slime and collectible figures all in one! It’s the newest collectible craze AND the ultimate unboxing experience! 

Give in to the irresistible

urge to pop and find hidden characters, which come in over 120 designs and

include rare, super rare and special editions! 

Pop to reveal and collect all the Snotz Monsters and cute Pets Animals! Available in Starter Packs (includes 6

bubbles and 2 hidden characters) and Deluxe Packs (includes 12 bubbles and 4

hidden characters). Just pop, can’t stop!

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Also available at Target and Walmart

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If you have a STEM minded kid - they will love the Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game.

This gravity powered logic maze is sure to put your visual perception and reasoning skills to the test. The towers can be arranged in a wide variety of visually stimulating structures but, for each challenge, you’ll have to think carefully to build a path that will carry your marble to the Target Tower.

Ages 8+

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Next on our cool toys for boys list, we have a toy for dog lovers! If your boy loves pups, check out Luvi Pups. These adorable pups are stretchy, allowing you to tug, pull, squeeze and collect. 

Each mystery Luvi Pup pet comes with 6 surprise puppy toys. Keep collecting to find the ultra-rare Runt of the litter!

Bonus! A portion of the proceeds from every Luvi Pups purchase will be donated to Luvable Dog Rescue, dedicated to saving dogs from kill-shelters.

Ages 6+

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Foodie Surprise brings to life a magical food creations that you can discover, display and eat. Each mystery food cart has multiple sweet reveals and all the supplies needed to make cute gummy treats. 

Kids will unbox their food cart, mix and create and can eat their creation! There are 4 surprise boxes in the collection. Each food cart Food Surprise box will include a theme of either sushi, ice cream, pizza or bubble tea. Kids will love making these DIY yummy gummy treats!

For ages 6+

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There you have it, our cool toys for boys round up for the 2019 Christmas season. I hope these gifts for boys ages 6-15-years old helps you in your Christmas shopping this holiday season. 


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