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Death and Memories

| Death and Memories

Last Friday I learned that my Grandpa had passed on Thursday night. He lived 85 years, so the news didn’t necessarily come as shocking as his health in the last few months had started to decline. He’s now happy with my Grandma, out of pain in a good place with Jesus.

| Death and Memories

I’m way pregnant and the funeral was in south Texas where it’s even HOTTER there than it is here. Somehow in a matter of days, we managed to pull together plans for the 6 hour road trip. All I can say is THANK YOU to my sister who helped keep the kids entertained.

We reconnected with friends and family that was hadn’t seen in years. We learned amazing things about my Grandpa and the best thing is my dad and siblings inherited a collection of photos of my Grandma. My Grandma passed 19 years ago, at the age of I believe 52. She was 100% Japanese and my Grandpa had brought her and my father to the states to live when my dad was 12. My Grandpa adored her.

After the funeral, several family members gathered in my Grandpa’s room. When my Grandma passed, I spent many weekends next to her bedside in that very room. Though I was only 12 at the time, the memories were ever-so-present.The room still smelled the same. Grandpa refused to let anyone clean the cob webs and smoke from his cigarettes still lingered. While his spirit was still present, he was missing – and so was my Grandma.

One thing that Grandpa never let any family members into was this trunk of photos. I had no idea this existed. When I cautiously walked into his room, not sure of what emotions it would bring – family asked me to sit and look at these pictures. Grandpa saved every photo my mom had ever sent him of us. There were letters about me as a baby having a kidney infection. There were photos of my dad back in Japan and of my Grandma in her 20’s. It was amazing. And now we have these to forever remember them. It’s a gift that I can’t be thankful enough for. What even was more remarkable was the happiness that room had in it.  So much discussion about these pictures and memories that were rehashed. There were no tears. Just big smiles, laughter, chuckles and memories. Just how Grandpa (and Grandma) would want it.

I know they were present spiritually, just not physically.  As hard as it all could of been, thanks God for making it a delight and allowing us to find happiness in death.