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Best Mexican Instant Pot Recipes – 8 Tex Mex Dishes Your Family Will Love

Best Mexican Instant Pot Recipes – because nothing beats the Mexican food, done quick and good!

One of my goals here at Digital Mom Blog is to bring parents hacks that help make parenting easy – and if it includes technology, yay!

best instant pot mexican recipes
best instant pot mexican recipes

The Instant Pot has quickly become my favorite kitchen technology gadget. It has made meal prep and cooking for our family so much easier.

After purchasing the Instant Pot last year, I was on a mission to find recipes that were quick and yummy.

We have 4 kids and 6 mouths to feed. Between work and the kids’ busy schedules – we need our meals done quick and easy. The Instant Pot has done just that.

Tex-Mex Food is a Staple

We live in Texas and Mexican food is a staple here! We typically eat some type of Tex-Mex at least three times a week. So naturally, when I went looking for what to pressure cook, Mexican Instant Pot recipes were the first foods I wanted to master!

Best Mexican Instant Pot Recipes

Here are several of the best Mexican Instant Pot recipes that I’ve found. As I find more, I’ll continually add to this post, so pin it and check back!

Shredded Chicken Taco Meat

One mom hack that I preach, is meal prep. Cook meat ahead of time and use it a variety of ways in meals through out the week. Shredded chicken is one of the meats that we cook up and use a variety of ways. 

instant pot chicken taco meat mexican recipes

First on our list of Instant Pot Mexican recipes, we have shredded chicken taco meat.

This delightful tex-tex instant pot recipe is easy to make and will fill your tortilla making the ultimate chicken taco!

View Recipe at Rebooted Mom

Instant Pot Tamales

Instant Pot TAMALES! I’ve said this before, but I just can’t get over how much stuff you can make with this kitchen gadget. 

instant pot tamales recipe

Tamales are a Christmas tradition in our house. This is the Instant Pot tamale recipe from Cents’ Able Shoppin will have your whole family raving about this mexican dish.

Make several dozen and freeze them! Instant Pot tamales are great for meal trains, neighbor gifts, and freezer meals.

View Recipe at the Cents’ Able Shoppin

Instant Pot Cilantro Lime Rice

A meal that is a family fave is burrito bowls. We use this Cilantro Lime Rice recipe for the base of the bowl.

instant pot cilantro lime rice mexican recipes
Instant Pot Cilantro Rice

Then we make a Mexican buffet of either shredded chicken or ground beef as the meat. We then put shredded cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa and either black beans or pinto beans and let the kids make their own meal.

This tastes just like Chipotle’s cilantro lime rice! Another way to eat this is with grilled lime chicken. DELISH!

View Recipe at Food Faith Fitness

Mexican Shredded Beef Recipe

If shredded chicken isn’t your thing, maybe this Mexican shredded beef is!

instant pot beef taco meat mexican recipes
Instant Pot Taco Meat

These are great on tacos, in quesadillas, enchiladas or make a burrito bowl. Low carb dieters – this meat is a dream!

View Recipe at Your Home Based Mom

Instant Pot Spanish Rice Recipe

Yum, yum yum! Spanish rice is a great side, perfect for any Mexican dish. (Who am I kidding, I can eat this stuff as a main course, or with any type of dish. 

instant pot spanish rice mexican recipes
instant pot spanish rice mexican recipes

What I love about this Spanish rice recipe is that it’s QUICK. 3 minutes for white rice, 22 minutes for brown rice! That’s right, don’t be afraid to try brown rice when making Spanish rice. 

View Recipe at Eat Within Your Means

Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

This Instant Pot chicken tortilla soup recipe is legit! Perfect warm tex-mex soup for cold weather, or when you have a craving for a spicy mexican soup.

instant pot tortilla soup mexican recipes
instant pot tortilla soup mexican recipe

This recipe is nearly fool-proof.  Top this Instant Pot tortilla soup with avocado, cheese and tortilla chips, of course!

View Recipe at Kitchen Cat

Instant Pot Queso Dip Recipe

Get your tortilla chips read! This instant pot queso dip recipe is amazing!

instant pot queso dip mexican recipe
queso dip made in the instant pot

Looks delicious, right? This Instant Pot queso dip recipe calls for ground beef, but try sausage, or if you are like me and not a fan of meat in your cheese dip – make this into a meat free queso.

If you love chips and dip, like me – don’t miss our Buffalo Chicken Dip!

View Aunt Bees Recipes

Instant Pot Mexican Pinto Beans and Refried Beans

One of my favorite home cooked meals is pinto beans. Add a Mexican flare and hello! I use to cook my pinto beans in the slow cooker, but have since switch to the electric pressure cooker and the results are the same, delish! 

instant pot pinto beans mexican recipe
instant pot pinto bean recipe

This post will also show you how to take your Mexican pinto beans and make them refried beans. Eat these as a main dish or as a side dish.

Another great thing with beans is that you can freeze them! That’s right, make these Mexican pinto beans into a freezer meal, don’t forget the corn bread!

View Recipe at Eat Within Your Means

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Favorite Instant Pot Mexican Recipes

Do you have a favorite Mexican recipe? Leave a comment listing the BEST Mexican Instant Pot recipes that you’ve found!

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