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Delicious Indian Instant Pot Recipes That Your Fam Will LOVE

Instant Pot Indian Recipes – we’ve got them and they are good, y’all.

Something has happened to my taste buds. I previously was obsessed with Mexican food. I still am (see Mexican Instant Pot Recipes) but Indian food, that’s my new love. Each Friday night, we take the kids out to try a new Indian restaurant. The food and culture is fascinating to me. 

Let’s look at how we can use the Instant Pot for indian cooking. 

A few weeks ago, we had zero plans for the weekend. That never happens. I decided rather than going out to eat Indian food, I was going to try some Instant Pot Indian recipes. WOW. As much as I love trying the different Indian restaurants – my favorite is now made right in my own kitchen! 

I’ve rounded up the best Indian Instant Pot recipes that I’ve found. Take an afternoon to try making these. It’s a fun experience, get the kids involved!

Best Indian Instant Pot Recipes

If you are a vegan or vegetarian – good news, here are several that will work for your diet. Not vegan? Don’t worry, there are recipes you meat lovers will enjoy as well. Are you ready to try Instant Pot Indian Recipes? These are delicious, let’s get instant-potting!

Best Recipes Instant Pot - Indian Recipes

Veggie Lentil Dhansak Recipe – Instant Pot

Next on on our list of Instant Pot Indian recipes, we have Veggie Lentil Dhansak. With this delicious and healthy music, your kids will be begging for seconds! With this delicious and healthy music, your kids will be begging for seconds!

View recipe at Vegan Richa

Pressure Cooker Indian Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken - Best Instant Pot Indian Recipes
image source: This Old Gal

This was our first Instant Pot Indian recipe that we made. My daughter, who is a self-proclaimed hater of Indian food, LOVED this dish. Our boys licked their bowls clean. We now double this Instant Pot Indian Butter Chicken recipe and eat it a few times over the course of the week. DELISH!

View recipe at This Old Gal

Instant Pot Yogurt whey Indian Chapati / Roti {Flatbread}

Another awesome Indian Instant Pot recipe from This Old Gal. Use yogurt that you made in your Instant Pot (or store bought, we don’t judge.) You don’t actually make the bread in your IP – but this is a must-have dish when eating Indian food!

View recipe at This Old Gal

Homemade Yellow Rice With Peas & Corn

Yellow Rice Indian Instant Pot Recipe
image source: Instant Pot Eats

Yellow Rice is so appealing to kids just because its yellow! This recipe also makes a lot of rice, so you can use it with other recipes.

View recipe at Instant Pot Eats

Vegan Gluten Free Instant Pot Spinach Chana Masala

Chana Masala Vegan Instant Pot Recipe
image source: Carve Your Craving

Get your greens in with this Instant Pot masala recipe. 

View recipe at Carve Your Craving

Instant Pot Keema

Instant Pot Keema Indian Instant Pot Recipe
Image Source: My Heart Beets

This flavorful dish is bound to be gone after seconds!

View recipe at My Heart Beets

Instant Pot Masala Eggplant Curry

Eggplant curry Instant Pot Indian Recipes in a copper bowl
image source: Vegan Richa

This unique and interesting Indian instant Pot recipe is a great way to try eggplant. Masala eggplant curry is a new twist (for us) on curry. Bonus – it’s vegan (or you can add meat if you want more protein!)

View recipe at Vegan Richa

Instant Pot Chana Masala

This dish may look simple, but it definitely packs tons of flavor. Serve with rice or/and warm naan. 15 minutes, definitely a winner!

View recipe at Smashed Peas and Carrots

Instant Pot Chicken Tikki Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala Instant Pot Indian Recipe - best indian instant pot recipe
Image Source: Clark Condensed

Simple and Amazing! If you are new to Indian food,Chicken Tikka Masala is a good entry dish. Did you know that Chicken Tikka Masala actually comes from Britain? Learn something new everyday!

View recipe at Clarks Condensed

Instant Pot Lamb Curry

Instant Pot Lamb Curry Indian
Image Source: The Real Dietitians

Lamb is something my family doesn’t usually eat, but if we were going to eat it – curry would be the best way to eat it. 

View recipe at The Real Food Dietitians

Get Pressure Cooking!

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Instant Pot for indian cooking is amazing!  Leave a comment! Have an indian instant pot recipe to share? Drop it below.