20 Easy Vegetarian Instant Pot Recipes That You Will Love

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Let’s talk Vegetarian Instant Pot recipes!

I’ve heard from so many of you loving our Instant Pot recipes, so in continuing our series of recipes that can be made in the Instant Pot. This roundup is for our vegetarian friends. 

Best Instant Pot Vegetarian Recipes

If you have followed Digital Mom for any amount of time, you probably know about our Instant Pot obsession. We have heard from so many of you guys, loving these Instant Pot recipes but the majority of our recipes are meat-oriented.

vegetarian instant pot recipes
easy vegetarian instant pot recipes

This week we are talking Instant Pot vegan recipes! If you are a vegetarian, doing meatless Monday or just looking for some fresh alternatives to make – let’s find you something yummy to eat and easy to make.

annoyed vegan meme
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I’ve spent many years eating vegetarian, my one constant issue was finding good recipes. We’re hoping to resolve that issue for you with these vegetarian Instant Pot recipes.

We’ve included several healthy ideas, mostly gluten free that will have you pressure cooking a variety of new vegetarian meal ideas.

From Sweet Potato soup (YUM) to vegan tacos to mushroom pasta, here are 20 delicious meat-free meal ideas and Instant Pot vegan recipes for you to make.

Click on the links below to grab all of the delicious Instant Pot vegetarian recipes in this series.

Instant Pot Vegetarian Recipe – Gobi Masala

First off on our Instant Pot vegan recipes, we have a Gobi Masala dish from Easy Cooking With Molly.

I love a good Indian dish! One thing I didn’t realize was how many Indian dishes are vegetarian or can be made that way.

Check out our collection of Instant Pot Indian Recipes

cauliflower gobi masala vegetarian instant pot recipes
Instant Pot gobi masala recipe

This delicious Indian cauliflower dish is NOT only vegan, it’s KETO-friendly as well! If you are a KETO-tarian, this dish is for you.

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Instant Pot Bean Vegan Tacos Recipe

Vegan tacos everyone! Perfect for Taco Tuesday, this vegetarian Instant Pot recipe is muy bueno!

bean vegan taco instant pot
instant pot vegan tacos

Mooshu Jenne shows you how to make this Instant Pot vegan recipe. I love that she just uses canned beans! Nothing complicated but oh so yummy in just a matter of minutes.

Another way to make this is by making burrito bowls! Use Mooshu Jenne’s recipe and instead of using a tortilla place the taco filling in a bowl of rice with cilantro.

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Instant Pot Vegetarian Mushroom Pasta

Next up, we have a vegetarian mushroom pasta from Wonder Mom Wannabe.

mushroom pasta vegan instant pot recipe
instant pot mushroom pasta

This vegan instant pot dish is quick, easy and meatless! Cheese is optional depending on your degree on vegan-ism.

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Pressure Cooker Sweet Potato Vegan Chili

Next up, we have a delicious easy vegan recipe for making in the electric pressure cooker. This sweet potato chili is quick to make, healthy and perfect for meal prep.

sweet potato instant pot vegan chili jalapeno tomato chip
instant pot sweet potato chili vegan

Living Sweet Moments shows us how this one pot dish is made by pressure cooking sweet potatoes! Sweet potatoes are always make me so full. They make a great addition to chili for a unique sweet taste that is delicious with spicy flavors.

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Instant Pot Lentil Soup

Feasting at Home has an AMAZING Instant Pot lentil soup dish that just says “pressure cook me for winter, please!”

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Artichokes Instant Pot Recipe

Artichokes make an awesome vegan appetizer, side dish or even a meal! These are so simple to make with this easy artichoke instant pot recipe from Oh My Veggies.

instant pot artichokes
instant pot artichoke recipe

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More Vegetarian Instant Pot Recipes

The Instant Pot Vegetarian Recipe list continues! Try these delicious vegan dishes that can all be made in the Instant Pot.

Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook

Want even MORE Vegan Instant Pot recipes, here is a great cookbook – loaded with meal ideas.

The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook for Your Instant Pot

This must-have vegan Instant Pot cookbook, is written by author Kathy Hester shows. She shows you how easy it is to pressure cook, steam, sauté and slow cook with your Instant Pot.

instant pot vegan cookbook recipes
instant pot vegan cookbook recipes

Kathy shows you how to pressure cook an entire meal at the same time, will have you making a one-pot meal and preparing beans and lentils in half the time!

Meatless Monday

For years I went vegetarian, and still to this day – my diet is mostly non-meat. If you are looking to change up your diet for more meat-free foods, why not try meatless Monday?

Meatless Monday aka Meat-free Monday is a simple way to incorporate a less meaty lifestyle by simply not eating meat on Mondays!

These vegetarian instant pot meals are an awesome way to provide a yummy meal for your family but without the meat.

Happy Instant Potting!

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