I have wanted a nose ring for a while. Maybe it’s a mid-thirties crisis or something like that. With 4 kids, finding time to actually head to the tattoo parlor and gets pierced is not easy. While I love exposing my children to the world, I wasn’t going to chain-gang them into watch me get my nose ring. Fortunately, we had an unexpected date night and I knew that was the perfect opportunity to get the nose ring bling.

pulled my nose ring out

Getting a nose ring is quick and easy – and to be honest after giving child birth naturally 3 times, it was minimal pain. My husband and I were in and out of the tattoo parlor in 15 minutes (the majority of the time was scanning my license and signing forms).

The piercer put in a nose screw with a little beady diamond at the end. I liked it, I wasn’t in pain and was planning to live happily ever after with me and nose screw. I had done something for me. While as a mom, I will give anything to my kids and it may sound silly – but I told my husband, I love this because it’s mine. Yeah, about that. 

15 hours after my nose piercing, we were in Bishop Arts District in downtown Dallas at our favorite little pie place, Pie Emporium. We were waiting in line with our 4 kids, I was holding our youngest Zeke (18 months). We had spent the day at the Perot Museum and walking around various shops so he was getting feisty and needed a nap. While in line he kept taking my hair and pulling it all over the place. I didn’t think anything of it and told my husband I was going to let him run outside.

As I walked outside my nose felt like it was on fire. I touched it and found that my nose ring was about 90% out of my nose. WHAT THE HELL? I just got this thing and did my toddler just rip it out?

OUCH! My Toddler Accidentally Pulled Out My Nose Ring

Yes. My toddler accidentally pulled out my nose ring. It hurt. The one thing I had for myself, gone in 15 hours. nose ring holder

We are still not completely unpacked and after reading how quick a nose piercing can close up after it’s just been pierced, all I had was a hoop to put in my nose. Yes, I looked like an idiot – but golly gee – I wanted my nose to stay pierced!

Thank God for good friends. My gal Mel picked me up and took me to a tattoo parlor to get a new nose ring. They ended up re-piercing my nose and this time putting in a post rather than a hook.

Side note: if your nose ring comes out right after your nose was pierced – good luck getting a nose screw back in your nose. Go to a tattoo parlor and get someone to help you get a new ring in it – sooner rather than later.

Lesson learned: with toddlers, nothing is your’s – not even a nose ring.

Fortunately, the guilty toddler is extremely cute and usually the innocent one.

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