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The Lincoln Motor Company is Changing the Way You Purchase a Luxury Vehicle

Lincoln Experience Center
Changing the way you purchase a luxury vehicle.

Purchasing a Lincoln Luxury Vehicle


Lincoln Motor CompanyCould the days of being lured into a car dealership with high pressure sales be a thing of the past? We don’t know about you, but purchasing a car can feel painful. The stress, the options and the pressure to make a decision for a purchase is real. If you are in the market for a vehicle – and that vehicle is a Lincoln, your opinion of purchasing a vehicle just may very well change. Here’s why. 

Lincoln Experience Center

The Lincoln Motor Company has opened 2 Lincoln Experience Centers here in the United States (with a few more to come!) These centers were created to change how you purchase a luxury vehicle. Gone are the tedious days of going to the dealership to scour thru the parking lot to find the vehicle that fits your needs. If you are purchasing, the majority of the purchasing process can be done at an experience center.

Lincoln Experience Center Frisco TXWe were invited to tour the Frisco, TX Lincoln Experience Center this past week. Situated in right next to the Frisco Dallas Cowboys training facility, the center is in prime location to retail traffic. Gone are the days of trekking to find a dealership off of a highway to be pressured into buying a car. This is not the experience The Lincoln Motor Company wants you to have when buying one of their vehicles. 

Buying a Lincoln

The Lincoln Experience Center is very zen and tranquil. It does NOT have the feel of a car dealership. With a water wall, bar with touch screens (and free Nespresso coffee), video wall displays and a few vehicles, the vibe is modern and refreshing. You cannot purchase a vehicle at an Experience Center – so there is no pressure to buy. Even if you are just curious about the vehicles Lincoln offers, the doors are open for you to look without obligation. 

Lincoln Experience Center Free CoffeeThere is a REVEL audio room. REVEL audio is what is used in each of the Lincoln vehicles. You can experience what the speakers and sound will be – perfect for the audiophile. 

Another room is a consultation room. If you do decided you want to purchase, there is a room dedicated to connecting you with a dealership. Again, no pressure to purchase at the center, as the purchase must be done at a dealership. That said, you can do the majority of your decision making at the center – making it an easy transaction when you do go to purchase. 

Lincoln Experience Center Try Before You BuyUpstairs in the Experience Center, The Lincoln Motor Company has every vehicle in their fleet available to view. You are in air conditioning, not out in a parking lot. It is an upscale experience for buying your vehicle. 

We are anxious to see if other automobile brands take on this type of concierge service for their potential customers. A pleasant, welcoming environment – with no pressure to buy? We’d say that is a win in regards to shopping for a vehicle. 

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