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20 Best LEGO Gifts: Awesome Ideas for the Block Lover

We are sharing the best LEGO gifts for the person who has ALL of the lego sets.

Are you looking for LEGO Gifts but really don’t want to buy your LEGO love anymore LEGOs? Look no further, we have got the perfect non-traditional LEGO gift idea list!

Best LEGO Gifts for LEGO Lovers (that aren’t actually LEGOs!)

If you are sick of buying LEGOs but know that your gift recipient loves LEGOs, this list is for you.

lego gifts
lego gifts

LEGO Salt and Pepper Shaker

LEGO salt and pepper shakers are the perfect addition to nerd up any kitchen! For under $20, this gift will bring a smile to the chef that loves them some LEGOs. 

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Minifigure and Building Bricks Molds

Use this minifigure and building bricks mold for making candy, chocolate, melting crayons and more! This iLEGO gift idea under $10

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Technic Power Motor Set

Pimp out any LEGO set with the Technic Power Motor Set. This LEGO motor set will take your building to a whole another level. 

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Chain Reactions Kit

This was under the Christmas tree last year for our LEGO lover! With the Chain Reactions Kit, you can build 10 amazing moving machines. 

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Ninjago Movie Torch Light

Perfect for using as a nightlight or reading light, this Ninjago torch light has an auto-off switch at 30 minutes. If you are decorating a LEGO bedroom, this is a must-have.

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LEGO Brick Backpack

Start the new semester in style with this LEGO Brick Backpack! It looks just like a brick! 

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Stormtrooper Minifigure Alarm Clock

Wake up with a stormstrooper – this LEGO alarm clock is just too cute. 

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Blue Brick Kids Light Up Alarm Clock

If the stormtrooper isn’t your thing, this LEGO alarm clock looks like a blue brick and lights up!

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LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack

Yes, LEGOs are a video game. Build and create offline and online with the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack. 

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9-Pack Building Brick Markers

They are brick markers that look like LEGOs! Perfect stocking stuffer. 

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Minifigure LED Headlamp 

Our kids love their headlamps. This adorable LED LEGO headlamp would be perfect for reading or exploring. 

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Four LEGO Blocks Adult Tee 

Own your love for LEGOs with this Lego shirt!

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Build-On Brick Mug

LEGO coffee mug? Yes, please. 

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LEGO Batman Bedding Set

Another great addition to a LEGO bedroom is this fabulous LEGO Batman bedding set! 

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LEGO Brick Lunchbox

Bring your lunch to school in style with this LEGO lunchbox. 

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LEGO Ideas Book

Spark an crazy LEGO creation with this LEGO Ideas book. 

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Kids Minifigure Buildable Watch

What kid doesn’t love watches? Up the game with this cool minifigure LEGO watch that is buildable!

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LEGO Drinking Bottle 

All the cool kids carry LEGO drinking bottles!

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9-Pack Graphite Pencils

Not just a regular pencil, check out these graphic LEGO pencils.

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LEGO Emmett Hoodie

This LEGO Emmett Hoodie is just the cutest. Dress up like Emmett, while keeping warm. 

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If you have a LEGO lover in your house, hoping you enjoyed these fabulous non-traditional LEGO Gifts idea list!

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