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The Best Way to Track Prescriptions

Looking for the best way to track prescriptions? If your prescription medication has a bottle, here is the best life hacks for tracking meds.  This hack is great, especially when involving a a kid with 2 parents giving medication, and if there isn’t a log – who knows how many dosages are left for the kid to take!

A while back I found this simple mom hack on Pinterest and it’s changed my life. Okay, so maybe it’s not totally changed my life but it really has made the giving prescription medicine process so much easier.

Track Prescription Medication

Recently, our toddler Zeke was put on antibiotics after our trip to the emergency room for his cut pinky.

prescription medicine log

10 days of medication, 3 times a day. 30 doses of medication.  As you can see, we try – but occasionally miss a dose here are there, which we will make up at the end of his prescription.

Simply draw a chart on your prescription medicine bottle outlining how many days and how many medication doses that you or your child needs to take.  Keep a sharpie handy and mark off each time you give or take the medicine.  For us, this is the best way to track prescription medicine.

This little chart is a lifesaver. Sure you could do this on a piece of paper, but if your house is anything like our circus – papers get lost, wet or sometimes they just vanish (ha, my kids would love if I believed things just did this!)  Now in the middle of the night when you can’t remember when the last dosage of medication was given to your sick toddler – just look at the bottle!


Hoping this Mom Hack helps you keep track of your medicine! When someone’s sick, the last thing that you need is something else to stress about.