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Free Kid Cell Phone Contract Template

Free Cell Phone Contract For Kids – Set the rules early for your kids and their cell phones with our easy to read, free downloadable cell phone contract.

Our kids started a new school. The new school requires me to pick them up, drop them off and they will have several after-school activities that well have me frantic that I am going to mess something up. It’s 30 minutes over there.

Smart Phone / Cell Phone Contract for Kids

I remember the feeling of my parents being late and me not knowing where they were. So we decided we would get the kids cell phones. I was hesitant since our son is only 8 – but after much consideration – we decided to move forward with the idea, well under 1 condition.  

We made the kids sign a cell phone contract for kids and had a nice long talk about cell phone safety.

smart phone contract for kids
smart phone contract for kids

Smart Phone Rules for Kids

To us, it is important that our kids understand the cell phone rules that we’ve set up. Our kids’ cell phones rules were created to ensure their safety and also so that they can start learning some common sense about cell phone usage.

Kid Cell Phone Contract

Side note: Before getting to the phone contract: This is what works for OUR family. I have provided 2 cell phone contract templates. 1 is fill-in-the-blank. You write what works for your family as far as rules for your kids and cell phone usage. The other is the actual contract we had our kids sign.

Free Kids Cell Phone Contract Printable Template

Our kids are 8 and 10-years-old and had no resistance to signing as she knows that the phone is a privilege.  We have rules that work for us like we have full access to her phone.

Sure, I know a few of our cell phone rules might make you chuckle at how strict we are in regards to cell phone usage – but we are serious about the cell phone contract. 

Just remember this is just for our family, you do what works for yours.

Free Cell Phone Agreement Printable

Use our free kids’ cell phone contract to make sure your kids understand the rules when it comes to using your cell phone. We’ve included a blank cell phone contract template, as well as the contract that we use with our kids.

Kids Cell Phone Agreement Template

Here is a fill-in-the-blank kids cell phone agreement. Use this handy template to fill in your own rules or use our version with the rules we enforced with our kids when they first were given smart phones.

blank cell phone contract
cell phone contract for kids template
cell phone contract template
kids cell phone contract pdf

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Cell Phone Contract for Kids
cell phone contract for kids

SHARE: When it comes to kids and cell phones – what rules are important for you and your family?  What rules did you add to your kids’ contact?

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Monday 30th of December 2013

Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I've truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

Crystal & Co

Thursday 12th of September 2013

I love this! Brilliant. Makes everyone accountable. Totally pinning!

Not So Average Mama

Thursday 12th of September 2013

Great idea!!!


Thursday 12th of September 2013

What a great idea! I think no matter what age your child is getting a phone at, a contract should be a part of that privilege.

Cris @ My Fashion Juice

Thursday 12th of September 2013

This is a great idea. Kids nowadays are getting cellphones at an early age and it's best to give them contracts like these to make sure they use it carefully/wisely.