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10 Signs You Are an Imperfect Parent

Are you an imperfect parent? I know I am, but realizing this has taken me 10+ years. I’m imperfect, my parenting style is not perfect. But the good news is, we are surviving and we are happy. What more can you ask for?

imperfect parents
10 signs you are an imperfect parent and why thats okay!

Being a digital mom, who posts about real life and my kids – IRL people often ask me about my parenting and kids. I’ve stopped taking things personally, because I’ve come to the realization that how you run your family and house is up to you.

You have to do what’s best for you. I had a neighbor who once told me, everyone is given 100% – how they choose to divide that 100% is up to them. This is so true. Good luck being perfect with your 100%, it isn’t going to happen.

Imperfect Parents

Let’s give a lookie and see if i’m the only imperfect parent, perhaps you are too.

Your Walls Have Been Colored

Oh no! What is wrong with you for letting your kid color on your walls??

Your Kids Have Left The House Without Shoes

We may have made it to pre-school the other day without shoes on a kid. No judging.

perfect parent meme
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You Have Forgotten Diapers

I can’t count the times that we have forgotten a diaper bag or didn’t have diapers in the car and have had to make an emergency stop at a drug store…

Your Car is Filthy

Hey, once a month my car looks kid-free (when I take it for it’s monthly clean-out!) You know it’s bad when your car is filthy and you are asking for a car detail for your birthday.

You Let Your Kid Sleep In His Clothes

Maybe it’s just me, but are PJ’s a requirement? Sure, when we can we change them. Maybe it’s the fact that pajamas = more laundry and this mom is soooo done with laundry.

You Have Fed  Your Kids McDonalds

I SWORE I would NEVER feed my kids McDonalds. While Mickey D’s is NOT on our top 100 list, it’s quick and easy and the kids will gladly eat it if need be.

Your Kids Clothes Don’t Match

Our toddlers are in the dress yourself phase and I am totally okay with that, I think. Sure, I will change them if it doesn’t mean a knock down drag out fight. These are perfections that I have to release.

Your Couch Also Serves as a Make-Shift Trampoline/Fort

I swear, someday when we can go a week without a spill in the living room and buy a new couch, the pillows WILL be attached! Loose pillows make for great forts and trampolines.

Going to Church Feels Like a Vacation

While I love me sometime with Jesus, I do admit the 60 minute service also serves as a mommy refuel. Church feels like a vacation knowing that my kids are in good care with someone else, while I can just have an hour alone with my husband and God.

You Have Gone to Work With a Goo’ed Shirt

Do I even have to go into how many times I have walked in to a meeting with goo from a child on my shirt? Typically this is the shoulder area, and it’s either food or snot. You really don’t know and typically don’t have time to care.

No Parent is Perfect

Yes, you are right. You are an imperfect parent. Perhaps you are like me, scoring 10 out of 10 in imperfection. And you know what. It’s okay.

No parent is perfect. The best thing we can do is do the best we can. Love your kids. Admit when you are wrong. Have open conversations (even when talking to kids about tragedy and those hard topic things.)

perfect parent quote
The perfect parent for your child is you!

Laugh and do what you can. Life is hard but you are the perfect parent for your kid because imperfect is perfect. Just not in the perfectionist sense!

Are You an Imperfect Parent?

It’s okay if you are, I promise. If more of us embrace this – the world will be a happier place knowing that we are all in good company.

SO What if you aren’t perfect? Join the club. The Imperfect Parent Club.

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