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Toddler Sleep – Sleep Regression and Toddler Sleeping Schedules

Toddler sleep – how those two words are oh so present in my life right now. The last 4 nights have had me up not sleeping due to Izaiah, our toddler’s new issue of sleeping. I honestly don’t know how he is still awake!

toddler sleep

Izaiah is a BUSY kid. He runs non-stops, eats everything he can and then CRASHES hard. A typical day from the time he was a year until up until a week ago was a 3-hour nap and a good 12 hours sleep. As long as he is fed and well rested, he is good to go.

A few days ago, he scared me to death by waking me up at 4:00 am, just shortly after I had gone to bed. I was half asleep and this little toddler hung over my face saying “hello mommy.” Yes, I nearly peed the bed. I put him in bed with me, in which we tossed and turned. I returned him to his bed, where he returned 4 times. It was endless cycle, ending with us both sleeping on the floor in his room for 2 hours, until the baby woke up. 

The last few nights, we’ve been playing this same game. He wake up and wants to sleep with us. The dude never co-slept because he hated it. Now at 2, that’s all he wants. Last night, I was exhausted. I woke up at 6 am to Izaiah between me and my husband. Apparently last night, he leaped over Daddy rather than heading to Mommy’s side of the bed.

Toddler Sleep – Please GO BACK TO BED!

While it is expected that his sleep schedule would change and his nap would decrease in time, I didn’t expect them to go non-existent at 2! Our other kids had naps up until they were 5.  Right now, we are playing the game of go back to bed. He is refusing to nap. He needs a nap, sheesh he needs a good 10 hours of sleep, at least!

Things to Look for When a Toddler’s Sleep Changes

After some research, here are some issues they maybe causing your toddler’s sleep changes.

  • Sickness
  • Night Terrors or Nightmares
  • Developmental Changes
  • Changes in Routine
  • Overstimulation

We are still sorting out what’s going on with Izaiah. It is possible that he is suffering nightmares or developmental changes. We’re working to put a new sleep routine in and decreasing all activity before bed. Let’s hope this works!!!

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How Well Does Your Toddler Sleep?



Sunday 30th of May 2021

That's a pickle. I've had similar problem but I've just decided to take her into bed and sleep more together. At least for few nights - I was suspecting some nightmares. Later I've got Susan Urban's book on sleep training. I've just established some re-newed routine, stayed with her a bit longer, got back with white noise machine for few nights. And problem is gone. I guess parental-love issue solving just works!