15 Tech Stocking Stuffers for Your Favorite Geek

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How’s that Christmas shopping coming along? Looking for some tech stocking stuffers for your favorite geek, well LOOK NO MORE! I don’t know about your but me and stocking stuffers usually are WAY last minute. This year, I am trying to be intentional and not so last minute and well really buy gifts that are thoughtful and not just 20 items from the dollar bin at Target.

Hopefully these tech stocking stuffer gift ideas will help save you brain power as you finish out the Christmas shopping season strong (YOU CAN DO IT!):

Tech Stocking Stuffers

Tech Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Fill up those stockings with these tech goodies!

Kinovo Mini Speaker


I was sent a Kinovo ZX100 of these and while it is little, the sounds is BIG. We have this speaker hooked up to my son’s room. He likes to listen to music as he goes to bed and this works perfect. (Learn more at Kinivo.com)

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Stylus Pen


It’s a pen, no it’s a stylus, no it’s BOTH. If you are buying SWAG for a trade show, buy these please. The stylus pen is my favorite and my kids love it too – which means, I NEVER HAVE A STYLUS PEN handy. The stylus is either chewed off or is MIA in the toy box. Good thing these things are cheap! I’m putting these in stockings this year for sure (and buying me a stash as well.)

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Toddy Phone Wedge


The Toddy Phone Wedge is a funny thing. I received this in my inbox and thought, hmm – will I use this and I can say that the answer is YES. I put this on my desk and anytime I am working I place my phone on the wedge allowing me to see anything in coming. I like to keep my inbox up on my phone, that way I’m not checking on my computer. (Learn more at toddygear.com) The other bonus with the wedge, is the flip side is a screen cleaner. (Also check out their darling pocket screen cleaner)

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External Battery Charger

external portable battery charger

I cannot imagine life before the external battery charger. Seriously. I have a similar charger to thisĀ and keep in my wristlet. Anytime my phone is dying, just plug in the charging cable into the external battery and SHAZAM! I have power again! This has helped countless times, including the time my sister and I were stranded at Cowboys Stadium after a concert, or the time I misplaced my family at Universal Studios.

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USB Thumb Flash Drive

thumb usb flash drive

I love how this thumb drive is literal. My husband seems to always been looking for a USB flash drive, why not put a fun one in a stocking?

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Dual USB Car Charger

dual usb car charger

If you don’t buy the external battery, at least consider the dual USB car charger. Even if you have a USB port in your car, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a car where either the USB port is taken or there isn’t one.

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Laser Pointer

laser pointer tech stocking stuffer idea

Oh, the beloved laser pointer. While sure, you can use this for presentations – we have other uses for it. We have a Pug named Guy. Guy doesn’t like to exercise, but he can’t stand the red dot of the laser pointer. He chases it everywhere, up and down stairs and in circles. It’s quite entertaining and it gives him a good work out.

The other usage – we use to to point to objects for the kids to clean. When we clean the playroom – it’s a joke. The kids would mope and now we just point to things and say pick-it up. It’s amazing how kids can just happen to not see the 20+ legos in the corner of the room.

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Happy Tech Shopping and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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