A $12 Fitness Tracker That Will Rock Your Socks Off

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Meet the Pivotal Tracker Fitness Tracker.

A few months ago I was emailed about a new affordable fitness tracker, asking if I was interested in receiving a unit to demo. The device was the Pivotal Tracker. I always like sharing the latest in new technology, so was interested in what exactly the Pivotal Tracker would give someone for $12 a year.

2020 UPDATE: The Pivotal Tracker is no longer available. View our Fitbit Review

Fitness trackers are something I’ve talked about in the past. The activity tracker that I typically wear is the Garmin Vivofit. While I really like it, the fact that it falls off often does get annoying, though the VivoKeeper does help. The Vivofit set me back (at the time) $120. So was the Pivotal Tracker, which is 10% of the price something comparable? Here’s our review.

Pivotal Tracker 1 Review

Pivotal Tracker Review

Let me first say, I was totally not sure what I would be receiving. As I said $12, what can you really get for $12 – maybe a shirt on clearance at Target? Yes, it’s an annual fee – but compared to the prices of other fitness tracking devices, this is a deal.  

I was totally shocked at how much I love the Pivotal Tracker 1, let’s talk about why. The first thing I noticed with the Pivotal Tracker 1 is how well made it is. It has a clip on the back snap to ensure that it doesn’t fall off. 

During the day, Pivotal Tracker 1 measures steps, distance traveled and calories burned. At night, it measures the quality and duration of your sleep and can be set to gently wake you in the morning. The Pivotal Tracker 1 reminds you to be active if you’ve been idle too long, and wakes you with gentle vibrations in the morning.

The only slightly annoying thing that I found is that you need to hold down the button for longer than expected to turn the device on and switch modes. TOTALLY NOT a deal breaker, but slightly annoying.

VivoFit vs Pivotal Tracker

Of all of the fitness trackers I have viewed, before the Pivotal Tracker – the Garmin Vivofit has been my favorite. Here is how the Pivotal Tracker compares to the VivoFit.

Wearability: Fit and Comfort

I love how the Vivofit fits, BUT am totally annoyed with it constantly falling off. Yes, I have the VivoKeeper but I feel like it should of been designed with this from the get go.

The Pivotal Tracker isn’t AS comfortable as the VivoFit. It has a larger hard plastic screen, but it’s not uncomfortable and I can still wear at all times. It does come with a special built-snap mechanism that prevents it from falling off. In my first 2 weeks, I have yet to have the device unsnap on me!


Both activity trackers are water resistant. You don’t have to worry about taking off your device when washing dishes or your hands.

Shows Steps

Both devices display time and steps.

App Usability

Both apps are easy to use and sync your daily stats to your smartphone.  The Pivotal Tracker’s Pivotal Living App for Android is in development and should release soon!

Battery Life

Battery life is where the Garmin VivoFit shines. In the several months that I have had it, I have yet to have to charge it. Yes, you read that right – months without charging the tracker! The Pivotal Tracker charges in about an hour and you will need to charge every 5 days.

Final Thoughts

For $12, you can’t go wrong with the Pivotal Tracker 1.

Thank you Pivotal Tracker for sending me this device. Look for more fitness tech coverage in January. Also make sure to check out our Fitness Tech Gift Ideas guide. 

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